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Hair Cutting Shears

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Aikyo Hair Cutting Shears offers quality, and precision hair cutting tools. The Aikyo shear 
line is popular, and  is designed and manufactured in Korea. Aikyo hair scissors has models designed  
with Japanese stainless steel, Cobalt Steel, and the high end Hitachi ATS-314 Cobalt steel.
Aikyo shears are affordable, and offer a excellent value. Precision Shears is pleased to offer our customers Aikyo Hair Cutting Shears..
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Fuji Shears powerful, dynamic and sharp. Best Prices with Price Match.The advanced and popular Fuji MoreZ and Fuji GGF. Yamato Scissors N Series.Fuji shears are designed and manfactured in Sakai City, Osaka, Japan. Fuji Shears are popular worldwide. Fuji produces a premium quality hair desssing scissors with special alloys that have become a bench mark of quality. Most popular is the Fuji MoreZ MF, and Fuji MoreZ SF left handed with it's advanced bearign tension system, and cobalt alloy steel allow it to cut with great precision, and power.
Great prices on Joewell Products
Precision Shears offers complete line of Authentic and Genuine Kasho Professional hair cutting shears at the lowest prices. Millennium Series, DLC,Green Series, Ivory Series, Silver Series.They reflect impeccable form, finish, and function. Kasho shears are created through careful design and engineering with advanced materials and heat-treatment technology and the blending of an integrated manufacturing process with skillful workmanship which measures up to the unrelenting standards passed through generations of Samurai masters.

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Precision Shears has sold Quality Professional hair cutting shears from Kokoro for 25 years, use our experience to select you next Kokoro Shear at the best prices.

Kouho Hair Cutting Shears are becoming popular world wide. Shear models like the X-Series, ARX, AND SX Series and others that have the stylist in mind use cutting edge technology and wold class craftsmanship.Their attention to detail and finish are of the highest quality. Kouho Shears are designed with the highest grade materials . Each shear is manufactured in Japan,  and finished with high grade Stainless Steel, Cobalt and Sintered Steel alloys. Every shear is a remarkable product that gives high end performance. We are very pleased to offer Kouho Hair Cutting Shears to our customers.

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Matsuzaki Hair Cutting Shears
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Precision Shears offers Mizutani Hair cutting scissors at discount prices, see our specials page. Use our experience to help select your next scissor.All models available Z1, Z2, DB-20 Sword Series, Black Smith Fit, Puffin, and more with Price Match Guarantee.Mizutani continues to produce high quality hair cutting scissors that are in demand.Mizutani creative flair is displayed in their scissors. Mizutani scissors give excellent cutting performance, with many designs and models and price ranges to choose from.
Precision Shears is an exclusive agent for Naruto Scissors the Number One most advanced and custom hand made Professional Hair Cutting Scissors in the world Browse through our great selection of Naruto Hair Scissors. All can be purchased with our E Lay Away Program.
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Precision Shears offers the Sensei Professional Hair Cutting Shears with a Price Match Guarantee, use our experience to assist in selecting your next Shear. Sensei was born of a desire to create a higher standard. A philosophy that proves you don't always have to spend the most to get the best. Every Sensei Hair Cutting shears represents the best quality and value in its class, and carries a lifetime warranty. High-performance blade technology, together with state-of-the-art ergonomic design, make Sensei Shears the shears to own..
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Shisato Shears is a fresh, neoteric design company which is creative and spares no expense in the use of the highest quality materials, combined with popular designs, offering a great value.
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Tara Hair Cutting Shears is a company that brings quality shears direct from Japan. They have simple, yet elegant, designs and offer great value.
AirBack hair cutting shears from Japan. Models III, V, Vl at the best prices. High quality hair cutting shears made with high precision, quality materials, and give high end performance.
Quality shears from Via
Precision Shears offers the Yasaka Hair Cutting Shears manufactured in Japan at lowest prices.Yasaka offers a complete line of high quality cutting and hair thinning scissors. Yasaka shears are manufactured with an entry level shears made with 440C Stainless Steel by Hitachi that will give a soft cut. Yasaka has two different materials used in its cobalt alloy shears. The V-10 Cobalt Alloy by Takefu Special Steel using Swedish Sponge Iron as a raw material for its iron for its purity excellent hardness, and abrasion resistance, and a premium level of shears comprised of ATS-314 Cobalt Alloy one of the highest grades at Hitachi Steel.

Yasaka scissors are the result of originality combined with modern technology and over 40 years of experience and a desire to produce quality scissors. The Yasaka scissor will provide a long lasting durable edge at an affordable price. Yasaka scissors continue to be a favorite with stylists world wide.
Precision Shears offers Yuroshi Professional Hair Cutting Shears and Hair Thinning Shears which have great quality and performance with excellent workmanship.