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Aikyo Hair Thinning Shears

Quality thinners from manufacturers like Aikyo
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Aikyo FT 30 Hair Thinning Scissors Teeth: 30-tooth 35 Tooth 40 Tooth 50 Tooth

Aikyo FT series is a  blending shear with special curved teeth. We have several options for number of teeth The Aikyo FT series of blenders will release from the hair easily with the wide deep teeth  this is great for for cut and drag.The FT performs well gives excellent blending at a very moderate price. A great value.
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Aikyo JT30 JT35 JT40 Hair Thinning Scissors Teeth 30 tooth 35-tooth 40-tooth

Aikyo JT thinners have curved teeth. This thinning shear has a permanent finger rest for comfort. Shear is made from 440C Japanese surgical stainless steel. An affordable thinner that does the job
$235.00 $225.00
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Aikyo ALT9 Lefty

Offset Lefty Thinner with 9 teeth