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Quality Japanese Hair Scissors And Hair Shears

Since 1980, Precision Shears has offered a broad selection of the finest Japanese shears, thinners and hair cutting accessories manufactured by the world's most respected, creative companies and using the most advanced materials available in the industry. Browse our products page for Japanese shears, thinners and texturizers from manufacturers that include, Naruto, Kasho, Kokoro, Kouho, Sensei, Shisato, Matsuzaki, Mizutani, Vern and YS Park. You can be assured that any hair cutting scissor or hair cutting shear you purchase from us has the highest level of quality and a Lifetime Warranty.

Choose Exceptional Quality In Your Hair Cutting Scissors and Hair Cutting Shears

Obtaining the right tools will give you the confidence to expand you skills more quickly, and inspire you to be a more creative. When in search of highest quality hair thinning shears and hair scissors, we are here to simplify the process. We have put the leading brands at your fingerstips so you can quickly navigate your way to the products you need. Before you buy, check our latest listing of online specials and save more on the professional tools you need.