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Browse through our great selection of professional shears, thinners, and more!
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YS Park 100EL4 Extra Long Brush

YS Park 100EL4 Extra Long Brushes are designed with 100% Natural Boar Bristles, and Nylon pins. The long heat resistant boar bristles smoothly grab, and gently straighten hair without damage resulting in a brilliant finish and amazing shine. The extended width of the brush body allows you to get drying done using 3 sections instead of the average 5 sections. The Air Holes on the handle allows a better grip providing incredible control over each stroke.
$114.00 $99.00
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Vess Hair Brush C-130 7 Row

Vess Brushes C-130 7 Row
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Beuy Pro 101 Tapered Hair Comb

Beuy Pro 101 Tapered Hair comb is your standard cutting comb with fine and medium tooth pattern. Beuy combs are a collection of fiberglass combs. There are numerous tooth configurations for all creative expressions. Unbreakable under normal usage they can also be sterilized.
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BW Carbon Hair Comb 126

BW Carbon 126 comb features unique groves cut around each tooth to grip the hair. 
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YS Park 331 Fine Cutting Hair Comb Extra Long

YS Park 331 Extra Long Fine Cutting Hair Comb measures 9.25 inches, and is the longest of the YS Park combs. Holes in the body of the comb can be use as an aid to measure sections, they help with grip as well. Five holes equals 2 inches. YS 331 is designed with a parting ( shortened First Tooth). Body of comb has a comfortable rounded edge that fits the hand better and has a dimpled design for an organic feel, and non slip grip

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YS Park 402 Big Hearted Comb

Size 7.5 inch
Available Red, White
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YS Park Shark ClipS YS-CLSH Package of 2

Each Package Contains 2 Shark Clips

Black, Blue, Light Blue, Gold, Purple, Red,Green, Orange, Pink 
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YS Park 333 Metal Comb

YS Park 333 Premium Metal comb. After years of development YS Park introduces the Aluminum Comb series of combs. The 4 models of combs 333, 335, 339, and 452 are now available in a choice of  Natural Aluminum or Anodized Black finishes. Each of these YS Park Premium Metal Combs is CNC Milled from a solid block of extruded aluminum. Each combs one of a kind workmanship offers the superlative quality and unequaled duribility needed for professional use. No other comb is as heat resistant nor can they create the same beautiful, and precise results. Each comb comes with it's own individual case.
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Shisato Blue Ribbon Curved Hair Cutting Shear

Sizes: 7, 8 & 9  inch - Offset
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Ionic Flat Iron

Accessories Flat Iron
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YS Park L Hair Clips Package of 2

Available in Black, Blue, Bronze, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver
$5.99 $5.50
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YS Park Chignon Hair Clips YS-CLCHB

Available in black, red, silver, green, gold, and pink
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YS Park Cool Razor

YS Park Cook Razor designed with a Metal weighted handled with Non slip comfortable handle with holes for a sure grip. YS Park Cool Blades have a 2 in One Feature. Cool Razor has an Antique Silver Finish.
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Fuji MoreZ SF Left Handed Cobalt Shear

Sizes: 5.0", 5.5", 6.0", 6.5", 7.0", 7.5"
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Kasho Design Master Left Handed Professional Hair Cutting Shears KDML

The Kasho Design Master Left Handed Hair Cutting shear is regarded as one of the introductory models of KASHO. Tension system allows for easy variable tension setting. The Kasho Left handed Design Master Series has an ergonomically designed offset handle.  The semi-convex blades are satin finished. The Kasho Design Master Left Handed Series offers good performance at an affordable price.

$350.00 $315.00
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Kouho ARX Left Handed Thinning Shears ARX-27 TX L

Kouho ARX-27 Tooth Left Handed Thinner one of the finest left handed thinners  made. It fits your fingers very well with its anatomical thumb, giving any stylist great control, while cutting with great power. Designed with High Grade Cobalt Alloy Steel, the tension control system has an internal click Ball Bearing. This reduces friction allowing for smooth cutting with less thumb pressure, and no hand fatigue. Precision machining with multiple steps on each thinner tooth Kouho is a company that gives great attention to detail and craftsmanship, and you will feel this in the amazing sculpting and finish work that this shear gives.The ARX -27 TX L comes with our highest recommendation
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Shisato Cobalt Left Handed Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Sizes: 5.0 inch - Offset, 5.5 inch - Offset, 6.0 inch - Offset
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Tara Cobalt XL Left Handed Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Tara Cobalt XL Left Handed, Sizes: 5.5 inch, 6.0 inch
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VIA Jazz Left Handed Professional Hair Cutting Shears VJL55 VJL60

Sizes: 5.0 inch, 5.5 inch, 6.0 inch, 7.0 inch
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YS Park 280 Flat Top Barber Comb

YS Park 280 Flat Top Barber Comb is designed with a “Concave Top” to check the vertical 90 degrees from the scalp for accuracy and efficiency. With a super light body, the handles comfort grip is engineered with air holes built-in to allow great flexibility, providing stylists incredible control over every stroke. Comfort tactile grip, dimpled for an organic feel. Length is 7.5 inches.
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Sensei REV Curved Shears

Sensei REV curved shears allow groomers to follow the natural shape of the dog in any direction. The handle allows you to hold the shear comfortably with the blades curving both inward and outward. The convex edges provide a smooth cut and the SENSEI cryo material will keep them performing for years.
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Two in One Hair Razor Blades Box of 10

Two in One Razor Blades Box of 10 , One blade does the work of two.
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Kasho Razor Blades Box of 10 KB10BK

Kasho Razor Blades are one the sharpest and best hair cutting razor blade in the beauty industry. Long lasting and smooth cutting. The exceptional sharpness of the blade, which was originally designed for use in surgery,this enables accurate shaping, and thinning of hair.The synthetic blue strip comb on each blade containing antibacterial and anti-static elements symmetrically forms on both sides of the blade without gaps. This makes this Kasho Blade very hygienic, and free from static charge clogging the hair. 
$15.00 $12.00
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Personana Pirouette Hair Razor

Personana Razor
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Via Cure Cut Hair Razor VCCR1

Via Razor
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Fuji Cobalt X Series Hair Scissors

Fuji Cobalt X Series hair Cutting Scissor is a  straight handle shear is made with Fuji's precision quality.The high quality cobalt steel provide a smooth precision cut. The Fuji X Cobalt has a narrow blade and points are fine, excellent for detail cutting
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Joewell Classic Professional Hair Cutting Shears

The Joewell classic is a solid performer designed with a beveled edge blade that is durable, and long lasting. Light in weight. Gives good performance.
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Naruto New Hennesy Flex Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Naruto New Hennessy Flex  Professional Hair Cutting Scissor 6.3 inch from the  New HibonZ Series . This offset set crane handle Naruto scissor is designed with Sintered Powered Cobalt Alloy Steel, and double bearing disk bearing Tension system. Excellent for all around and detail cutting at the highest level. Shear will cut with great precision, and power. The quality of Naruto with its sintered steel, and artisan craftsmanship will allow you to cut any section with ease. Below is an image of the dual bearing with has a resin disk tension bearing to ensure smooth movement of each blade, and a second shaft bearing that will reduce friction and allow user to cut smoothly with less effort, and thumb pressure. 
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