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Browse through our great selection of professional hair cutting shears, thinners, and more!
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YS Park Super G Series Hair Brush 35G5

YS Park G Series 35G5 Pro Curl & Shine Styler brush is made using 100% natural boar bristles, Natural Teakwood Body, and heat resistant polyamide pins.  Our YS Park Brushes are Genuine, and Authentic sold in the box. There are 7 size options in the G Series to accommodate your individual blow drying needs. The Orange heat resistant polyamide pins gently grip and smoothly straighten the hair, while the shorter White boar bristles create soft curls, and a brilliant shine. YS Park G-Series is one of the best designed, and most popular Professional Brushes in the world.
$41.00 $34.50
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Kokoro Green KGR T15 Tooth Texturing Shear

Kokoro Green Series KGR T15 Tooth Texturing shear is a quality professional offset crane handle texturing shear that offers an excellent value. This new Green series has extra blade refinement which allows for an improved cut and feel for the stylist. The offset crane handle will allow for a comfortable cutting position with the elbow being lower, and this levels the wrist to prevent carpal tunnel.Japanese Hitachi 440C Stainless Steel is vacuum heat treated, and cryogenically tempered which will ensure consistent cut with equal hardness throughout the blade, and each tooth. Kokoro Green series has a low profile tension knob, and the Kokoro Lifetime Warranty.
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Kokoro Red Series 3 Ring Professional Hair Cutting Shear

Kokoro Red Series 3 Ring Professional Hair Cutting shear accommodates stylists who prefer a non-conventional handle. The offset Triple Ring design is not only comfortable to hold, but will also prevent dropping of your shears, and lowers your elbow to take stress off the wrist helping prevent carpal tunnel,  and allows for a proper cutting position. The Red Series gives a superior and smooth cut with long lasting edge sharpness due to the high degree of steel hardness. The 3 Ring Red series shear is 5.75" designed with 440-C Japanese Stainless Steel, vacuum heat treated to ensure consistent cut with equal hardness throughout the blade.
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Sensei Open Neutral Grip 40 Tooth Hair Thinning Shear

Sensei Open Neutral Grip 40 Tooth Professional Hair Thinning Shear takes the concept of an offset thumb and extends it forward to where your thumb naturally sits at rest. There is not cramping and this concept removes pressure from the palm of the hand, and reduces muscle fatigue. The neutral thumb position removes 75% of the distance required to open and close the shear, and is built to maximize your efficiency, and minimize stress on the hand. This Open SOT-40 Thinner is the first step to a healthier, pain free way of working. Made with high quality  Duralite™ Japanese 440C Stainless Steel. The finger rest on the Open SOT-40 Thinner is removable, and adjustable with the option of a traditional tang as well as the lower full Neutral Position. 

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Tara XOT-30 Cobalt Hair Thinning Shear

Tara XOT-30 cobalt hair thinning shear is a new seamless no line blender and top of the line finishing tool. The Tara XOT-30 designed with high quality Japanese Cobalt Steel, features 180 degree cuts out on the back blade to ensure no line blending, and no snag release when you cut and drag. The Tara XOT-30 thinner is designed with a multi-step tooth to give a natural blended effect on the hair. The XOT-30 model has a newly designed handle and is the same as the TARA XOT-25. Image coming soon This is one of those finishing tools that is worth the cost. Our Top Recommendation.

Cutting ratio 15% to 20% depending the angle of the blade. Great Tool for skillful stylist. Turn the thinner towards the head and increase the amount of hair removed. .
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Yuroshi WX

Yuroshi WX hair cutting scissor has a sharp convex edge designed with high quality 440 C Stainless Steel. WX has an adjustable tension knob with spring plate to ensure smooth blade movement.
$275.00 $245.00
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Naruto Nisuki Aeroline S 29 T

Naruto Kingdom Stork Nisuki Aeroline Two Handed S 29 T Hair Thinning Scissors with special thinner blade are used mainly used for Slide, Stroke, and Chop cuts due to the structure and shape of the scissors. At 5.6 inch user has great control for detail work only 15% cut percentage.Designed with a special Powered Martensite Cobalt Alloy Steel with other alloys this thinner has a dual bearing tension system. One bearing is the shaft bearing to reduce thumb pressure, and a disk baring the ensure smooth movement and operation of the blade movement. Attention to detail is the best, and straight handle lets you flip these Naruto blenders if you desire. All Naruto products are made with simply the best craftsmanship. Our highest Recommendation on All Naruto Scissors.
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Kasho Left Handed 38 Tooth Thinner

Kasho New Left handed 38 Tooth Thinner KTL60-38 designed with V-10 Cobalt Steel, and a straight handle with dual finger rests.This design is effective when user wants to flip the thinner so that the teeth are reversed.This new Kasho left handed 38 Tooth thinner has the same steel as the Green Series, but does not have the Ball Bearing Tension. Excellent finish and high refinement will give smooth blending. 
$577.00 $490.45
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Kasho 12 Shear Zipper Case

Kasho Genuine Leather case holds 12 shears with various pockets for storage. Zipper Closure
Size: 6" x 1" x 10.5"
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Zip Twin Pack

Sensei ZIP Twin Pack: Choose you shear, and save $45.00 on matching thinner. Right and left handed available. Zip Shear features a classic offset crane handle, with removable finger rest.Zip designed with a leaf spring tension system to stabilize the blade movement, and convex edge for smooth consistent cutting perfromance.Made with high grade 440C Stainless Steel Alloy. Each Twin pack comes with a matching Zip 40 Tooth Thinner either in Left or Right handed. Each Twin pack shear and thinner comes with Free Shear Case.
$319.90 $274.90
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Vess Pro 2000 Ceramic 9 Row Brush

Vess Pro 2000 Ceramic 9 Row Brush is designed with Antimicrobial Nylon Ball on the end of the bristles. Vess Professional Brushes is is industry wide and one the top brand name in Brushes.
$27.95 $24.95
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Beuy Pro 11 Tail Comb

Beuy Pro 11 Tail comb with narrow width only 3.375 inch fine tooth area. Comb is 8.0 inch total with tail.Great for combing through in tight spots, and for detail work. Beuy combs are a collection of fiberglass combs made in Japan. There are numerous tooth configurations for all creative expressions. Unbreakable under normal usage they can also be sterilized.
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BW Carbon Comb 257 Metal Tail Hair Comb

BW 257  9.0 inch Metal Tail Comb strong and durable. Made In Japan
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YS Park 106 Extra Long Tail Comb

YS. Park 106 Extra Long Tail Comb features gradual decreasing pitch where the spacing between each is narrowed by 1/100 mm from the previous tooth.This creates equal tension on the hair through the entire length of the comb.This allows the user to wind and hair quickly,and efficiently. YS 106 also has a parting tooth, which is a shortened first tooth to allow easy and efficient sectioning of hair.  

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YS Park 334 Fine Cutting Grip Hair Comb Basic

YS Park 334 Extra Long Round Tooth Quick Cutting comb is designed with longer teeth for better control when scooping long hair. The holes also act as a measuring device (each hole is spaced 1 cm apart). Holes in the body of comb can be used as an aid to measure sections. Five holes equals 2 inches. The rounded teeth maintains equal tension, even if the combing angle is changed, and mimics the smooth, controlled feeling of using your fingers. YS 334 measures 7.25 inches
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Sensei OPEN Neutral Grip Hair Thinning Shears

37 Tooth, 57 Tooth  Length 7.5 inch
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Mizutani Acro Yuragi 04 21 Tooth Hair Thinner Scissors


The ACRO YURAGI 04 removes slightly more hair at 15% but still creates a delicate finish leaving fine blending for a sensitive texture. The Acro Yuragi series has a step-blade which leaves very little demarcation. Acro Yuragi 4 creates a delicate finish and blends the hair.


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Mizutani Acro Z1 Left Handed Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Mizutani new Z1 Left handed scissor uses Nano technology to give you next level steel called Powder Cobalt Metal Steel which is actually know as Sintered Steel. This method uses high pressure to inject the mixture of alloys into the forging. It Consists of smallest participles, and using this method the manufacturer can obtain a very dense, and the highest quality steel. A very sharp shear with a long lasting blade with a super convex Hamaguri edge. Anatomical (Bent thumb ring for comfort) this shear can point cut, and cut with power small and large sections, and can be used as a go to shear for the bulk of your work. Blade design on Z1 will give soft cut and is the choice for slide cutting.
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Mizutani Acro Type K Cobalt Hair Cutting Scissor

The New Acro Type K Cobalt hair cutting scissor is a reliable workhorse that can be used for a in a variety of different types of cutting. This long selling product of Mizutani has been reborn and redesigned for the first time in 13 years, becoming even easier to use, and even sharper than before.While maintaining the classic original shape Mizutani achieved an evolution in remanufacturing the details of the components, like the shape of the blade and how it fits in your hand. The Acro Type K will give you excellent precision cutting, and power. The New Acro Type K has evolved into the ideal balance of  performance and comfort trimmed down and streamlined the Acro-K has multi functional use, one can create many styles with this shear, and can be used on almost any hair style or type. Cobalt  and fitted with a self-lubrication special resin bearing. The Acro Type K is available in Mat Black Titanium finish which is an excellent option for those allergic to metal.
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Sensei Revo Left Handed Rotating Thumb Professional Hair Cutting Shear

Sensei Revo Swivel Left-Handed shear made of the highest grade Cobalt Molybdenum and Vanadium Alloy one of Hitachi's premier steels. Revo has a ball bearing pivot thumb ring for smooth movement. Tension is designed with a Ball Bearing leaf spring system to reduce thumb pressure required to cut any section, and will feel like new for years and years. Metal to metal wear in the pivot is eliminated by the Polymer pivot guides inserts.Revo handle is a version of original Hineta crane design, simply beautiful. Revo will give amazing cutting performance. Recommended.
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Shisato Orion Cobalt Left Handed Swivel Thumb Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Shisato Orion Lefty is a true left handed shear with 360 degree ergonomic swivel thumb. Designed with Japanese Hitachi V-10 Cobalt Alloy Steel for smooth cutting and long lasting edge. Orion features generous spacing between thumb and finger to prevent hand cramping when closing the shears. A 360 degree swivel thumb allows you to cut from any position with greatly reduced strain on your hand wrist and shoulder this can have an enormous impact on any stylist that is beginning to suffer the effects of Carpal Tunnel.
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Tara XOL Cobalt Left Handed Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Tara Cobalt XOL  Left handed hair cutting  Shear is made of high quality Japanese cobalt steel, adjustable click tension control to reduce friction. Has leaf spring plate washer, for balance and to smooth out the opening and closing of the shear. Designed with an slight  offset , with permanent finger rest, and an Anatomical Thumb.The thumb opening is unique and referred to as a clam shell, where the width of the thumb opening is wider and has a much larger area of which to place your thumb.
$699.00 $649.00
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Captain Straight Razor

Captain Straight Razor has a very comfortable grip, and is weighted toward the head of the Razor. This straight handle gives great control, allows a barber to choke up while performing detailed design or work. It gives the hairdresser a familiar tool to cut hair with great accuracy.Blades can be inserted by pinching the spine of the razor to spring open to allow the blade to be disposed and a new blade to be replaced.

$108.00 $97.00
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Aikyo SSA Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Aikyo SSA professional hair cutting shear is designed with an Offset Anatomic wide thumb handle style for comfort with super convex edge slim pointed blades suitable for precision and detailing. The Japanese Hitachi ATS-314 Steel will give you an outstanding cutting performance in a very reasonable price range. This shear has a very solid feel and it will cut with power.
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Fuji Yamato Royal W-55 Cobalt Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Fuji Yamato Royal W Cobalt Professional Hair Cutting Scissor is one of Yamato's top performing shears. Designed with a Saber blade on both top and bottom blades to give a solid feel, and extra power. Super Cobalt Alloy with convex edge, and advanced bearing tension system to smooth the movement and cutting. The Yamato Royal shear is for advanced designers. A delicate and smooth silky feel you will cut without effort. Offset Crane handle design for comfort.
$1,350.00 $1,100.00
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Kasho Ivory Series Professional Hair Cutting Shear

KASHO Ivory Series Professional hair cutting shear represents the upper middle category of KASHO hair styling shears, and one of the most popular series. The adjustable tension screw allows  fine tuning of the shear tension. The Ivory Series has an ergonomically designed offset handle. The Ivory series shears are designed with 440C high carbon stainless steel convex blades are mirror polished for smooth cutting performance and long lasting edge. 
$495.00 $420.75
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Which shears are best for me?

Which steel sheer quality is better, those made in Japan, Korea, or Germany?

Japan has the highest standards for workmanship and quality with steels in hair cutting shears.

Many shears made in Korea which can save some costs on labor, and still maintain good quality.

Use steels from Japan. Look for Japanese Steel.

What metals are used in my scissor?

YIron, Carbon, Nickel, and various other alloys like cobalt, and manganese. When using stainless Steel Chromium is added to make steel Stainless, and prevent rust. Handles are welding to the blades and not constructed using the same quality steels. This is not necessary and would add to the cost.

What are the different categories of stainless steel used to produce hair cutting scissors?

Steels are important to a point in a scissor, and when combined with high-quality machining and design you have a beautiful cutting shear ready to provide excellent performance for many years or career depending on the quality of service the shear receives.

You should never purchase a scissor with a stainless steel rating of less than 440C. This is an industry-standard for stainless steel in hair cutting shears. There are a few entry-level shears made using 410, and 420.

Cobalt Alloy Steel is abrasion resistant and will give increased blade retention, and a longer last edge. These shears can also be machined to a finer edge and have the steel hold the edge the result of adding Cobalt Alloy.

They often cost more due to the increased labor costs of finishing and polishing and extra abrasives used in the finishing process.

Cobalt does have some categories and some companies use there own. They include Cobalt Alloy, ATS-314, V-1, V-10 and now they are using a powered Sintered Cobalt Alloy that is expensive but has excellent performance, and with the use of the sintered powered steel process has great quality control when producing it.

Is there a scissor that never needs to be sharpened?

This is fiction, and simply not true. There are high-quality steels that can hold an edge longer than others with the use of Cobalt Alloys but the longest we can see a shear used everyday cutting hair to last is about 18-24 months and most need to be serviced in about 12 months.

This depends some on the use of the shear how many cuts per day.

The wear resistance when cutting strands of hair is the same as cutting equal diameter strands of copper..! Hair is Keratinized Protein, soft and pliable with strong resistance to cutting.

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