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Fuji Hair Cutting Shears

Fuji Shears powerful, dynamic and sharp. Best Prices with Price Match.The advanced and popular Fuji MoreZ and Fuji GGF. Yamato Scissors N Series.Fuji shears are designed and manfactured in Sakai City, Osaka, Japan. Fuji Shears are popular worldwide. Fuji produces a premium quality hair desssing scissors with special alloys that have become a bench mark of quality. Most popular is the Fuji MoreZ MF, and Fuji MoreZ SF left handed with it's advanced bearign tension system, and cobalt alloy steel allow it to cut with great precision, and power.
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Fuji Cobalt X Series Hair Scissors

Fuji Cobalt X Series hair Cutting Scissor is a  straight handle shear is made with Fuji's precision quality.The high quality cobalt steel provide a smooth precision cut. The Fuji X Cobalt has a narrow blade and points are fine, excellent for detail cutting
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Fuji MoreZ GGF Cobalt Hair Scissors

Fuji MoreZ GGF Cobalt Professional Hair Cutting Scissor features a exquisite Saber Blade on both the top and bottom blades. This will give a more solid feel, and add some power. Fuji GGF is a premium Fuji Scissor designed with High Grade Cobalt Alloy Steel, and Bearing Tension, with Covex Edge, and Disk Ball Bearing tension system. Fuji GGF has excellent balance and feel. High End performance with powerful smooth cutting.
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Fuji MoreZ MF Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Fuji MoreZ MF Professional Hair Cutting Scissor is a high-level cutting tool. Convex edged blade combined with superior Cobalt Steel, smooth Ball Bearing Tension reduces friction to near zero, this allows user to power through any section of hair, with less thumb pressure, with out any fatigue.Gives an effortless cutting experience and excellent workmanship make it a winner. Highly Recommended
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Fuji Yamato N-50 Cobalt Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Fuji Yamato N Series Cobalt Professional Hair Cutting Scissor is a truly hand-made master piece. Each shear is individually honed by experienced craftsmen to a flawless level of perfection. High grade cobalt alloy with bearing tension to reduce friction, and convex edge. Gives exceptional cutting performance, with power, and great control.
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Fuji Yamato Royal W-55 Cobalt Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Fuji Yamato Royal W Cobalt Professional Hair Cutting Scissor is one of Yamato's top performing shears. Designed with a Saber blade on both top and bottom blades to give a solid feel, and extra power. Super Cobalt Alloy with convex edge, and advanced bearing tension system to smooth the movement and cutting. The Yamato Royal shear is for advanced designers. A delicate and smooth silky feel you will cut without effort. Offset Crane handle design for comfort.
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