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Mizutani - Ichi-Nino-San


A dream set of the four most popular Mizutani Scissors for all your styling needs.

Each scissor is $450.00 if purchased individually. Don't miss this super deal. A

genuine case (see the photo below) is also included.

Scissor #1
Precision cutting scissors. Cat eye blade will give you a power to point cut and slide cut as well.
Size: 5.5/6.0

Scissor #2
Dry and slide cutting scissors.. Fat blades are design to cut specially for dry and slide cutting.
Size: 5.5/6.0

Scissor #3
Texturizing scissors. East pull out teeth design
One size only: 5.7

Scissor #4
Scissor over comb and thinning scissors. East pull out teeth design.
One size only: 5.7

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Kasho Shears

Kasho Shears are expertly crafted in Seiki, Japan using the highest quality steel and the most advanced heat treatment technology. They are the crowning achievement of 100 years of expert craftmanship. Used by top platform artists worldwide, Kasho shears are recognized as the ultimate tool for the true professional.

Kasho DealsDamascusSale.jpg

Kasho Savings
Click to Order Sale Price List Price
Design Master Lefties - No Discount just Free Goods $299.00 $299.00
Ivory Series Lefties $400.00 $450.00
Right Handed
Design Master - No Discount just Free Goods $299.00 $299.00
Blue Series $349.00 $390.00
Ivory Series $400.00 $450.00
Silver Series 5.5 and 6.0 inch $425.00 $490.00
Silver Series 6.5 and 7.0 inch $470.00 $550.00
Green Series $599.00 $690.00
SASA Dry Cut $660.00 $760.00
Millennium Series $850.00 $1000.00
Ceramic ZR - NEW $800.00 $850.00
Damascus Series - NEW $1100.00 $1300.00
Wasabi 7 tooth - Close Out $199.00 $299.00
Design Master - No Discount just Free Goods $299.00 $299.00
Green Series Thinners $599.00 $690.00
Green SASA Blending Shear $660.00 $760.00
Designing Razor $39.00 $49.00
Type S Razor $39.00 $49.00
Razor Blades $12.00 $14.00

Sensei RSC Set