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Naruto Hair Thinning Scissors

Quality hair thinning scissors from Naruto Scissors Japan.  Featuring Naruto Royal Kingdom, Kingdom Stork Megane, Variation, and More.
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Naruto Dress Line Hair Thinning Scissor

Naruto New Dress Line Hair Thinning Scissor designed with 13 teeth, and 20% hair removal will allow you to sculpt and finish a style to your exact needs. Sintered Powdered Cobalt alloy and disk bearing to stabilize the blade, and a separate shaft bearing to reduce thumb pressure. Designed to flip with even handle, and dual finger rests make this a very comfortable and versatile thinner. Manufactured to Naruto specifications, expect amazing performance with this Naruto Thinner.

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Naruto Dithered B-19 Fine Finish Thinning Scissor

Naruto Dithered B-19 Fine Finish Adjustment blending scissor. This is the perfect tool to make those fine adjustments to your work. Precision blending is what this shear is designed for, with and varied tooth pattern. Each tooth is designed with 3 steps, and teeth are reversed to allow easy release, and will allow hair to lay towards the head. Powdered Cobalt Alloy with a bearing tension. Another new Release from Naruto.

Dithered B-19 is designed with a Closed Type Bearing that enhances stability and opening and closing of the blades.
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