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Naruto Kingdom Stork Megane Nisuki DB Hair Thinning Scissors 31 Teeth

Naruto Kingdom Stork Megane Nisuki DB Hair Thinning Scissor S 31 Teeth is mainly used for Slide, Stroke, and Chop cuts due to the structure and shape of the scissors. The finish work, and attention to detail will leave you impressed. The Naruto blenders allow you to truly create the styles you desire.There are two types of scissors in this series; ST Type that uses the same packing as in the New Hi-Bon series, and the DB Type that uses a bearings packing similar to the Royal Kingdom series and has a shaft bearing as well as an Advanced Disk Bearing with ball bearing in the disk. This is to ensure the smooth operationg of the blades..  All Naruto Shears receive our highest recommendation.

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Sintered Powered Cobalt
Teeth: 31
Vendor: Naruto
$1,780.00 / Each

Naruto Scissor 
Made In Japan
Sintered Powered Cobalt Steel
Convex Edge

Sizes: 5.8 inch
Teeth: 31 teeth
Hair Removal 20-25 %