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VIA Hair Cutting Shears

Quality shears from Via
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VIA EZE Hair Cutting Scissor

Neutral Grip EZE

EZE hair cutting shear by VIA will take the stress out of styling and give great performance. Once again VIA takes a bold leap in shear design. Announcing the first completely neutral grip shear in the industry, the EZE. Working with hand specialists, we have created a neutral grip shear with a forward thumb ring that every stylist will enjoy. The crane handle design will lower your elbow to a lower more neural comfortable position.Swing the blades open and closed with a flick of the thumb. The four fingers form a natural curve. The thumb remains in the resting position across from the index finger. In addition to amazing comfort, EZE offers great performance any stylist can afford. Combine with an EZE texture shear for ultra efficient soft shear techniques. Has convenient two positions for the finger rest one higher one lower for comfort.
$279.95 $249.95
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VIA Jazz VJZ55 Professional Hair Cutting Scissors


Professional Performance - Entry level price
Via works its design and manufacturing magic on an affordable shear that will not only thrill new stylists, but will also turn heads among the best stylists in any salon. JAZZ is a high performance shear collection that every stylist can afford. It has taken years of research and development to make this quality possible at this price point. We are Proud to finally offer JAZZ.
Comes with both Pink and White Starburst Tension Adjusters and Pink and Black Sizing Rings!
$179.95 $144.95
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VIA Slip Slide Professional Hair Cutting Shears Model: VSLIP

The VIA Slip is the first rotating DRY/SLIDE cutting shear. The convex blade is especially finished for slide cutting in wet or DRY hair. This Shear creates softness with every cut. No blunt lines with slip. Slide cut wet or dry hair with a smoothens you have to feel to believe.VIA Slip will Slice and sculpt in dry hair with no blunt lines.VIA Slip will pay for itself by saving your wear and tear on your other shears All Slip shears include a FREE keychain shear tool for quick and easy tension adjustments. This VIA SLIP shear is not designed to cut straight lines, for Dry / Slide cutting only.
$299.95 $269.95
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VIA Spin VS575 Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Sizes: 5.25 inch, 5.75 inch, 6.25 inch, 7 inch
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