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Naruto Royal Kingdom Misuki Rolling S27 Hair Thinning Scissors

Naruto Royal Kingdom Misuki Rolling S27 Hair Thinning Scissor.  With the “Royal Kingdom New Bearing” Naruto has created the world’s first Vacuumed Sealed Bearing. The design of this bearing gives greater balance to the operation and movement of the blades. Naruto thinning scissors are developed for a handful of the most accomplished artists. Manufactured from a secret composition of rare blended steels and alloying materials. These shears display the absolute pinnacle of hand craftsmanship. The Naruto  Misuki Rolling S27 is quite simply a true finishing experience with an an advanced tool. Designed with Sintered Powered Cobalt Alloy steel to give the smoothest cut possible. The Workmanship and finish work are breath taking, and this is accomplished by experienced artisans who are dedicated to achieve simply the finest hair cutting tools made in the world, second to no one.


Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Sintered Powered Cobalt
Teeth: 27
Vendor: Naruto
$2,300.00 / Each


Misuki Rolling S27
Cut Ratio 25-30 %
Size: 6.0 inch