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Naruto Royal Kingdom Misuki Thrust B 27 Hair Thinning Scissors Sizes: 6.0 inch 27 Tooth

Sizes: 6.0 inch Misuki Thrust B-27

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Sintered Powered Cobalt
Teeth: 27
Tension: Bearing
Vendor: Naruto
$2,190.00 / Each

Naruto Misuki Thust B-27 thinner has reverse teeth on the back blade. There are two types of bearings packings for this series depending on the size of the scissors. One has a diameter of 13mm to the packing and contains 10 ball bearings. The other has a diameter of 16mm to the packing and it contains 14 ball bearings. The diameter of the ball bearings for both packings are in the units of millimeter and made out of a metallic material that does not erode away.

It also includes the shaft bearings to the bolt to give a smooth and a light movement to the blades when cutting. Very sharp and will allow for efferotless shaping and blending of the hair. Will allow you to cut and drag will ease.

Hair Removal 20-30 %

Model: Misuki Thrust B 27 Tooth

Sizes: 6.0 inch