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Naruto New Variation Jungle B-28 Hair Thinning Scissors

Naruto New Variation Jungle B-28 Hair Thinning Scissors have the highest percentage of variation, and blending. The blending of the hair is completely natural and it creates volume to the silhouette with No Lines. These Variation Thinners have a several multiple steps cut into each tooth creating a beautiful effect with the hair. Naruto thinning scissors are developed for a handful of the most accomplished artists. Manufactured from a secret composition of rare blended steels and alloying materials. These shears display the absolute pinnacle of hand craftsmanship. The Naruto Variation is quite simply a true finishing experience with an an advanced tool. Designed with Sintered Powered Cobalt Alloy steel to give the smoothest cut possible. The Workmanship and finish work are breath taking, and this is accomplished by experienced artisans who are dedicated to achieve simply the finest hair cutting tools made in the world, second to no one. 



Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Sintered Powered Cobalt Steel
Size(s): 5.8
Teeth: 28
Vendor: Naruto
$2,400.00 / Each

The Variation Series of Naruto's thinners are the 1st  in the world to be assosiated with what is called the "Calculus of Variation". The varied path within a certain section or space of the teeth on the  thinning blade allow the Variation Series achieve a constant but varied sequence in the section of hair that is thinned. Due to the calculated Variation of the tooth, it make is much easier for the stylist to obtain and control the flow of the hair. This creates a natural silhouette and natural finished look

Naruto Variation Series contains a double bearing system, the world’s 1st Vacuumed Sealed Bearings together with a shaft bearing. The design of the vacuumed sealed bearing system is made so that shaft bearings fits together as a unit. With this High Grade Advanced Tension System less friction is achieved giving a much better movement and operation to the scissors. 

Hair Removal 35%-40%