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Kasho Ivory Series Professional Hair Cutting Shear

KASHO Ivory Series Professional hair cutting shear represents the upper middle category of KASHO hair styling shears, and one of the most popular series. The adjustable tension screw allows  fine tuning of the shear tension. The Ivory Series has an ergonomically designed offset handle. The Ivory series shears are designed with 440C high carbon stainless steel convex blades are mirror polished for smooth cutting performance and long lasting edge. 

Edge: Convex
Handel Type : Offset
Made In: Japan
Material: Stainless Steel
Size(s): 5.0;5.5
Vendor: Kasho

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Ivory Series 5.0 inch - Offset ( $379.00 )
Ivory Series 5.5 inch - Offset ( $379.00 )
Base Price: 379.00
Selected Options: $0.00
Total:  $379.00

Sizes: 5.0 inch Offset, 5.5 inch Offset