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Browse through our great selection of professional hair cutting shears, thinners, and more!
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YS Park 110 EL2 Extra Long Brush

YS Park Brushes
$129.00 $109.00
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Shisato Echo Hair Thinning Scissors 35 Tooth

The Shisato Echo 35 Tooth Hair Thinning shear features an offset design with an Extreme Anatomical Thumb. Echo was originally designed for people who had problems adapting to cutting with a swivel shear losing control, but wanted the most comfortable designed handle they could find.  This is it! The Echo thinner is perfect for the stylist who may have problems with carpal tunnel or tendonitis. Echo’s natural handle configuration and extra spacing between thumb and finger rings prevents cramping when closing the blades. The Shisato Echo Manufactured with high quality Hitachi Cobalt Steel will give you excellent and smooth thinning and blending.
$459.00 $399.00
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Tara XTO35 Cobalt Hair Thinning Scissors 35 Teeth

Tara XTO35 35 Tooth Cobalt Hair Thinning Scissor is designed for high end performance with its excellent finish work, and attention to detail. Tara XTO35 designed Japanese Cobalt Steel Alloy and curved C type teeth that eliminates any line of demarcation this allows the teeth to release from the hair with ease.This Tara Blender will give you complete control over your finish work with very little effort. The XTO305 is the perfect thinner for any stylist who is seeking a High Quality blender than can smoothly cut and drag with ease. The XTO35 will remove a bit more hair at 35% than the XTP30 which is 30%.
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Vern Yume YTB35 Cobalt 35 Tooth Hair Thinning Scissors Sizes: 6.0 inch

Vern Yume YTB35 Cobalt 35 Tooth Hair Thinning Scissor made in Japan,  designed with Swedish Cobalt with Molybdenum for strength, and fitted with a Ball Bearing Tension for smooth friction operation. Vern Yume 35 Tooth Thinner has a convex Edge and a comfortable offset handle. Tension is easy to adjust with a low profile click button knob. High Quality workmanship.
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VIA Spin VST40 Rotating Thumb Hair Thinning Shear 40 Tooth

VIA Spin VST-40 Tooth Rotating Thumb Hair Thinning Shear A quality, affordable rotating thumb shear for righties and lefties. VIA Spin performs like it sells for $600 but you can take one for a spin for so much less. The wide contact thumb ring gives you more control and comfort. VIA Spin has Polymer insets in the pivots, to prevent metal to metal wear, and ensure smooth performance for years to come. VIA Spin has Molybdenum Alloy blades and  a Convex edge combine to make this an great performing shear for the money. This curved tooth razor blending shear can cut and comb out or slide cut.
$299.95 $249.95
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Yasaka YS-200 20 Tooth AST 314 Cobalt Hair Thinning Scissors

Yasaka YS 200 20 Tooth ATS-314 Cobalt Hair Thinning Scissors is a convex edge texturing shear made in Japan with high quality Cobalt Alloy steel. Yasaka shears continue to be popular for their durability and consistent performance over the years while remaining an excellent value due to their reasonable price. Many of the Yasaka shear designs were classic and remain mostly unchanged today with some minor up grades.
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YS Park 605 YS-CM605 Self Standing Tint Hair Comb

YS Park 605 YS-CM605 Self Standing Tint Hair Comb Made from poloxymethylene-pom plastic for durability, easy cleaning, and flexibility.Sized to suit all tinting needs an easy comb through for increased productivity.Allows for a clean work space due to self standing feature. Has parting shortened first tooth.
$13.00 $12.75
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Kasho Designing Razor with Folding Handle

Kasho Designing Razor with Folding Handle has a special ergonomically designed carbon handle that folds for easy storage.Light weight and the ideal tool for creative work. 
$61.00 $51.00
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Feather Nape & Body Razor Kit

The FEATHER® Nape & Body Razor Kit is the stylist’s choice for shaving razors. Perfect for shaving the nape, bikini lines and other tight areas of the body, the Nape Razor features a small folding handle and small blade design for accuracy and ease in shaving. It has a 0.15 mm thick stainless steel blade covered by a thin wire mesh for safety as well as a close shave. Since the razor features a guard, hairdressers can use it on their clients and achieve those final touches with a razor that really make a haircut go from good to great! Use Blade Glide, the perfect cutting lotion, before applying the razor to the skin. Blade Glide enables smoother shaving allowing the razor to glide across the skin, swelling the hair follicles and making it easier to shave. It also helps to extend the longevity of your blade. 
$51.95 $46.95
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Kasho Shear Tool Skirt

Kasho Shear Tool Skirt Holds 5 Scissors 4 Pockets made from Black Nylon has 4 additional accessory holders attached on the front. The perfect choice to organize and have easy access to all your tools .

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Naruto Royal Kingdom Misuki Hennesy Rolling B27 Hair Thinning Scissors

Naruto Royal Kingdom Misuki Hennesy Rolling B27 Hair Thinning Scissor.  With the “Royal Kingdom New Bearing” Naruto has created the world’s first Vacuumed Sealed Bearing. The design of this bearing gives greater balance to the operation and movement of the blades. Naruto thinning scissors are developed for a handful of the most accomplished artists. Manufactured from a secret composition of rare blended steels and alloying materials. These shears display the absolute pinnacle of hand craftsmanship. The Naruto Yosuki Hennesy B23 is quite simply a true finishing experience with an an advanced tool. Designed with Sintered Powered Cobalt Alloy steel to give the smoothest cut possible. The Workmanship and finish work are breath taking, and this is accomplished by experienced artisans who are dedicated to achieve simply the finest hair cutting tools made in the world, second to no one.Removes 15-20 %

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Matteck Matsuzaki Stroke Leead Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Matteck Matsuzaki Stroke Leead Professional Hair Cutting Scissor. The Stroke Leead is an innovative scissor created for stroke cutting, In development for over two years collaborating with our stylists and, working and reworking the idea through several prototypes. The “Stroke Leead.” is hear. Experience the feeling of the scissors dancing in your hand, and the hair flutter, as you take control and use the full capability of the Stroke Leead to master your creative design style. Designed with Cobalt Alloy Steel and Ultra Thin narrow blades.
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Naruto Variation Forest B 28 Hair Thinning Scissors 5.8 inch

The Variation Forest, has the second highest percentage of variation after the Jungle mentioned above. The texture of the after cut result looks like a water fall or a bunch of thin painting-brushes, which gives a very delicate finish to the hair.

Material: Sintered Cobalt Powdered Steel

Vendor: Naruto

Origin : Japan
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Sensei Open Neutral Grip Left Handed Professional Hair Cutting Shears Sizes: 5.75 6.25 inch

Sensei Open Shears features a revolutionary Open Neutral Handle Design. This design bring a new concept to what offset is and can do. Sensei Open allows your hand to work in a natural relaxed position rather than arranging your hand to fit the shear handle. The handle is designed to fit your hand. By taking the thumb and moving it forward the distance required to open and close the blade is reduced by 75%. This allows the hand to work in a more natural position and hand pain, with less fatique.  All shears come with a free case.
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Sensei Primo Deluxe 23 Tooth Hair Thinning Shear

Sensei Primo Deluxe 23 Tooth Seamless Hair Thinning Shear employs our Soft Slide™ straight blade design. This pushes the hair into razor sharp teeth as the blades close eliminating any visible line. Primo Seamless Blender made of Cryogenically Tempered Japanese Molybdenum Alloy Steel. Pivots have Polymer inlays to eliminate metal to metal contact and reduce wear. This will keep the Primo Thinner feeling new for years. Tension system has Ball Bearing to reduce friction and allow you to blend with less thumb pressure, and the bearings will also stabilize the blades and extend their life. The Soft Slide™ blade also get rid of any drag or pull as you comb through the hair after the cut. All of this gives you the ability to use this blender on any hair texture to create softness, and remove weight. 
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Mizutani Black Smith Solid

Mizutani Black-Smith Solid Hair Cutting scissor is new and up dated.  Black Smith solid is a well balanced scissor with G-Shift wobble prevention. This makes the scissor more functional for comfortable handling. With the innovative new “G-SHIFT” design, the scissors’ center of gravity is shifted closer to the hand, while keeping the balance set and avoiding increased centrifugal force during opening and closing operations. Designed with a Thrust Bearing for ultra smooth operation and to reduce thumb pressure required to cut a section. This bearing also reduces fatigue. Powerful and long-lasting Extramarise®Steel Processing.This is an all around scissor. For barbering 6.5 and 7.0 are ideal.
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Kokoro Black Series 33 Tooth Thinner

Kokoro Black Series 33 Tooth Thinner designed with Japanese AUS8: forged Stainless Steel. Blade is finished with a convex edge, has slight offset handle. Tension is a low profile button for easy adjustment and removable finger rest.
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PFIZZ Tail L Comb

PFIZZ Tail L Comb from Japan has unique L shaped tail called the L-Spot for easy sectioning, and weaving, saves time, and improves efficiency. PFIZZ Tail L Combs through the hair very smoothly without any pulling snagging or uncomfortable tension put on the hair.This also protects the cuticle and gives shine to the hair. Wet or Dry hair you can section, and work more efficiently it will save you time. This is accomplished with the unique design of the teeth on the PFIZZ L Tail Comb called the P Spot.This is when each tooth is followed with a shorter tooth, and then a longer tooth all the while creating a tapered Crest within the body of the comb teeth which allows the PFIZZ L Tail Comb to glide through the hair and improve the speed and efficiency of your sectioning and weaving. 
$15.00 $13.50
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Naruto Taurus Vista TR II 6.5

Naruto Taurus TR-II hair cutting scissor is a cobalt 6.5 inch scissor with a traditional offset handle. Vista blade is convex and is designed and manufactured with Naruto craftsmanship. Visa series scissors do not contain the advanced bearing systems but have all the same quality aspects of what Naruto is about. In a word Quality.The Naruto Vista series is brought to you at affordable price.
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Aikyo ACLB Left Handed

Aikyo ACLB Blue Titanium Left Handed hair cutting shear 5.5 inch only, made using 440C high Carbon Stainless Steel. Designed with offset handle. This shear has great balance and is light weight and designed with super convex edge blades for superior smooth cutting. It is perfect for point cutting tips are medium fine. Priced very low for the high quality with Blue Titanium finish.
$275.00 $245.00
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Kokoro Black Series 33 Tooth Left Handed Thinner

Kokoro Black Series Left Handed Professional Hair Thinning shear KBL-33L 33 Tooth is the most popular series of the family due to the combination of an excellent forged one-piece shear at a very competitive price.This adds up to excellent value for the end user.The Black Series is the perfect shear for the student stylists as well as professional stylists who want the performance of a quality forged shear with a moderate price tag.Black series is made using Japanese 440C Vacuum heated stainless steel to ensure uniform hardness, and consistent long lasting edge.Black Series features an offset handle for comfort and to lower elbow leveling the wrist, and this creates a more comfortable and ergonomic cutting position with less fatigue. All Black series shears and thinners come with removable finger rest and adjustable Low Profile tension control.All Kokoro Shears have a Lifetime Warranty.
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Niigata 2000 Hair Cutting Shear

Niigata 2000 is a superb Japanese hair cutting shear that is made with highest quality workmanship, and steel. Niigata 2000 is Smith-Forged in Japan by Master craftsmen using ATS-314 Cobalt Molybdenum Alloy Steel, a very high quality Alloy steel.Gives a silky cut, and holds it edge.Niigata 2000 is fitted wit Ball Bearing Tension system to reduce friction, and reduce thumb pressure to cut any section, and ensures smoother cutting. Edge is convex and hollow ground blades with a permanent finger rest for comfort. Niigata 2000 is aldo designed with a sword or saber top blade. This give a more solid feel, and power. A High performance Shear. Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship and Materials
$1,500.00 $1,350.00
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Yuroshi YDR Black

Yuroshi YDRB Hair Cutting Shear with Black Finish is an excellent new shear that can both Dry and Slide cut and also have excellent wet cutting performance. Designed with High quality Japanese 440C Stainless Steel.Yuroshi YDRB gives a smooth powerful effortless cut as the back or bottom blade is wider to assist and allow for more effective slide cutting. Tension is fitted with a low profile click that can be easily adjusted with your thumb. Excellent cutting shear for this price range.
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Sensei Tough Blade Rotating

Sensei New SWT Tough Blade Deluxe Rotating Thumb Hair Cutting Shear. These new Tough Blade shears with Rotating Thumb are the perfect upgrade to anyone who has been using the GSC or SWIVL shears. Designed with an upgraded combination of Cobalt, Molybdenum, and Vanadium tool steel with a 3 Year warranty on the cutting edge. The blades take advantage of a new Soft Cut geometry and finish. The blades pivot on a Ball Bearing Zero Gravity Tension system for less friction. The Tough Blade Rotating Thumb also features a Ultra Wide Polymer Pivots Inlays that eliminates even more metal to metal contact that ensures smooth and stable blade movement and prevents wear for years of excellent cutting performance.
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Vess VP-150 9 Row Ceramic Brush

Vess VP 150 9 Row Ceramic Brush
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Aikyo ADRT-30 Tooth Thinner

Aikyo ADRT-30 Tooth Thinner designed with V-10 Cobalt Steel offers a smooth texturing.Teeth on the Aikyo ADRT-30 is designed with curved teeth, and each tooth is designed and cut with 3 steps, to allow for easy cut and drag release from the hair and no demarcation line.Has a dual finger rest and set up to flip and use with the teeth on the reverse side.Tenison can be adjusted with internal  click system a key is provided to use.
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Beuy Pro 107 Tapered Hair Cutting Comb

Beuy Pro 107 Tapered Hair Cutting comb with very fine and wide tooth pattern.Beuy combs are a collection of fiberglass combs made in Japan. There are numerous tooth configurations for all creative expressions. Unbreakable under normal usage they can also be sterilized.
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BW Carbon Comb 212

BW Carbon Comb 212 is completely Anti Static, which prevents tangles. It is heat resistant, and can be sterilized. BW 212 Comb features a versatile combination of medium spaced teeth, and fine teeth. measures 7.0 inches, and glides through the hair effortlessly. A Strong and lightweight comb made in Japan.
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YS Park 332 Quick Cutting Grip Hair Comb

YS Park 332 Quick Cutting Comb designed with both traditional square, and round teeth which gives the effect, and feeling of working with your fingers. The holes in the body of the comb act as aid to measure sections.( each hole is spaced 1cm apart ) Five holes equals 2 inches. The holes provide excellent grip, as well as the organic feel of the dimple finish on the body of the comb. The rounded teeth maintains equal tension, even if the combing angle is changed, and mimics the smooth controlled feeling of using your fingers. YS 332 Comb measures 7.25 inches


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YS Park 339 Metal Comb

YS Park 339 Premium Metal comb. After years of development YS Park introduces the Aluminum Comb series of combs. The 4 models of combs 333, 335, 339, and 452 are now available in a choice of  Natural Aluminum or Anodized Black finishes. Each of these YS Park Premium Metal Combs is CNC Milled from a solid block of extruded aluminum. Each combs one of a kind workmanship offers the superlative quality and unequaled durability needed for professional use. No other comb is as heat resistant nor can they create the same beautiful, and precise results. Each comb comes with it's own individual case.

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Which shears are best for me?

Which steel sheer quality is better, those made in Japan, Korea, or Germany?

Japan has the highest standards for workmanship and quality with steels in hair cutting shears.

Many shears made in Korea which can save some costs on labor, and still maintain good quality.

Use steels from Japan. Look for Japanese Steel.

What metals are used in my scissor?

YIron, Carbon, Nickel, and various other alloys like cobalt, and manganese. When using stainless Steel Chromium is added to make steel Stainless, and prevent rust. Handles are welding to the blades and not constructed using the same quality steels. This is not necessary and would add to the cost.

What are the different categories of stainless steel used to produce hair cutting scissors?

Steels are important to a point in a scissor, and when combined with high-quality machining and design you have a beautiful cutting shear ready to provide excellent performance for many years or career depending on the quality of service the shear receives.

You should never purchase a scissor with a stainless steel rating of less than 440C. This is an industry-standard for stainless steel in hair cutting shears. There are a few entry-level shears made using 410, and 420.

Cobalt Alloy Steel is abrasion resistant and will give increased blade retention, and a longer last edge. These shears can also be machined to a finer edge and have the steel hold the edge the result of adding Cobalt Alloy.

They often cost more due to the increased labor costs of finishing and polishing and extra abrasives used in the finishing process.

Cobalt does have some categories and some companies use there own. They include Cobalt Alloy, ATS-314, V-1, V-10 and now they are using a powered Sintered Cobalt Alloy that is expensive but has excellent performance, and with the use of the sintered powered steel process has great quality control when producing it.

Is there a scissor that never needs to be sharpened?

This is fiction, and simply not true. There are high-quality steels that can hold an edge longer than others with the use of Cobalt Alloys but the longest we can see a shear used everyday cutting hair to last is about 18-24 months and most need to be serviced in about 12 months.

This depends some on the use of the shear how many cuts per day.

The wear resistance when cutting strands of hair is the same as cutting equal diameter strands of copper..! Hair is Keratinized Protein, soft and pliable with strong resistance to cutting.

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