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Tara XTO35 Cobalt Hair Thinning Scissors 35 Teeth

Tara XTO35 35 Tooth Cobalt Hair Thinning Scissor is designed for high end performance with its excellent finish work, and attention to detail. Tara XTO35 designed Japanese Cobalt Steel Alloy and curved C type teeth that eliminates any line of demarcation this allows the teeth to release from the hair with ease.This Tara Blender will give you complete control over your finish work with very little effort. The XTO305 is the perfect thinner for any stylist who is seeking a High Quality blender than can smoothly cut and drag with ease. The XTO35 will remove a bit more hair at 35% than the XTP30 which is 30%.

Edge: Convex Edge
Made In: Japan
Material: Cobalt Alloy Steel
Teeth: 35
Vendor: Tara
$650.00 / Each