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Shisato Echo Hair Thinning Scissors 35 Tooth

The Shisato Echo 35 Tooth Hair Thinning shear features an offset design with an Extreme Anatomical Thumb. Echo was originally designed for people who had problems adapting to cutting with a swivel shear losing control, but wanted the most comfortable designed handle they could find.  This is it! The Echo thinner is perfect for the stylist who may have problems with carpal tunnel or tendonitis. Echo’s natural handle configuration and extra spacing between thumb and finger rings prevents cramping when closing the blades. The Shisato Echo Manufactured with high quality Hitachi Cobalt Steel will give you excellent and smooth thinning and blending.

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Cobalt Steel
Teeth: 35
Vendor: Shisato
$309.00 / Each

Made In Japan
Cobalt Alloy Steel
Convex Edge
Extreme Anatomical Thumb

Teeth: 35-tooth