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YS Park 332 Quick Cutting Grip Hair Comb

YS Park 332 Quick Cutting Comb designed with both traditional square, and round teeth which gives the effect, and feeling of working with your fingers. The holes in the body of the comb act as aid to measure sections.( each hole is spaced 1cm apart ) Five holes equals 2 inches. The holes provide excellent grip, as well as the organic feel of the dimple finish on the body of the comb. The rounded teeth maintains equal tension, even if the combing angle is changed, and mimics the smooth controlled feeling of using your fingers. YS 332 Comb measures 7.25 inches


Color: Pink;Red;White
Full Length: 7.3 inch
Heat Resistant: Heat Resistant
Made In: Japan
Material: Plastic
Vendor: YS Park

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Carbon ( $12.95 )
Pink ( $12.95 )
Red ( $12.95 )
White ( $12.95 )
Base Price: 12.95
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Total:  $12.95

Model: YSCM-332
Sizes: 7.25"