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Mizutani Black Smith Solid Professional Hair Cutting Scissor

Mizutani Black-Smith Solid Hair Cutting scissor is new and up dated.  Black Smith solid is a well balanced scissor with G-Shift wobble prevention. This makes the scissor more functional for comfortable handling. With the innovative new “G-SHIFT” design, the scissors’ center of gravity is shifted closer to the hand, while keeping the balance set and avoiding increased centrifugal force during opening and closing operations. Designed with a Thrust Bearing for ultra smooth operation and to reduce thumb pressure required to cut a section. This bearing also reduces fatigue. Powerful and long-lasting Extramarise®Steel Processing.This is an all around scissor. For barbering 6.5 and 7.0 are ideal.

Edge: Convex
Handel Type : Offset
Made In: Japan
Material: Cobalt Steel
Size(s): 5.5;6.0;6.5;7.0
Vendor: Mizutani Scissors

Select a Size

5.5" ( $550.00 )
6.0" ( $550.00 )
6.5" ( $650.00 )
7.0" ( $650.00 )
Base Price: 550.00
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Total:  $550.00
Mizutani Scissors
Material Cobalt Alloy Steel
Convex Edge
Bearing Tension
Made In Japan

The joint section has the important role of joining the blade and the handle, and in these scissors, it’s fitted with 9 precision ball bearings. Thanks to this design, the movement is smooth as silk.

Solid Thrust Bearing is fitted with 9 precision ball bearings for smooth operation, and cutting performance.