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Kasho Razor Blades Box of 10 KB10BK

Kasho Razor Blades are one the sharpest and best hair cutting razor blade in the beauty industry. Long lasting and smooth cutting. The exceptional sharpness of the blade, which was originally designed for use in surgery,this enables accurate shaping, and thinning of hair.The synthetic blue strip comb on each blade containing antibacterial and anti-static elements symmetrically forms on both sides of the blade without gaps. This makes this Kasho Blade very hygienic, and free from static charge clogging the hair. 

Made In: Japan
Vendor: Kasho

Kasho Razor Blades

Single Box Kasho Blades ( $12.00 )
Kasho Blade 5 Box Deal ( $55.00 )
Base Price: 12.00
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Total:  $12.00