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Kouho ARX Left Handed Thinning Shears ARX-27 TX L

Kouho ARX-27 Tooth Left Handed Thinner one of the finest left handed thinners  made. It fits your fingers very well with its anatomical thumb, giving any stylist great control, while cutting with great power. Designed with High Grade Cobalt Alloy Steel, the tension control system has an internal click Ball Bearing. This reduces friction allowing for smooth cutting with less thumb pressure, and no hand fatigue. Precision machining with multiple steps on each thinner tooth Kouho is a company that gives great attention to detail and craftsmanship, and you will feel this in the amazing sculpting and finish work that this shear gives.The ARX -27 TX L comes with our highest recommendation

Edge: Convex
Handel Type : Offset Anatomical Thumb
Made In: Japan
Material: Cobalt Alloy Steel
Left Handed: Left Handed
Size(s): 6.0
Vendor: Kouho
$899.00 / Each

Made In Japan
Vendor Kouho
Offset Handel
Anatomical Thumb
Convex Edge Blade

ART 27SNL cut rate 20%
ART 30SNL cut rate 25%