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Tara XN Miracle Steel Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Tara XN Miracle Steel Professional Hair Cutting Shear is an advanced cutting shear designed with Miracle Steel. This very special steel is a combination of several different Alloys put together to give an outstanding cut, feel very long lasting durable edge. The exact composition of materials contained in Miracle Steel is not disclosed by the company. Steel Alloys that we feel are used are High quality Cobalt Alloy,Tungsten,Molybdenum alloy among others. The Rockwell hardness is extremely high at near 70 .Offset handle with convex edge Sword blades and Advanced Ball Bearing Tension system reduce friction to allow cutting any section with little to no thumb pressure. Suitable for detail stroke and power cutting. Can be used effectively on Wet or Dry Hair Cutting. 

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Miracle Steel
Size(s): 5.5;6.0;6.3
Vendor: Tara

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5.5" ( $989.00 )
6.0" ( $989.00 )
6.3" ( $989.00 )
Base Price: 989.00
Selected Options: $0.00
Total:  $989.00

Quality Materials and Excellent Workmanship

If you are seeking a high end cutting shear we recommend the TARA XN with our highest recommendation.  XN has the same steel and blade as the TARA XP only XN has Advanced Bearing and no micor slits.
The best cuting shear in this price range in the industry.