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Kouho ARX DUR Professional Hair Cutting Scissor

KOUHO ARX DUR  Professional Hair Cutting Scissors are made with Sintered Super High Speed Power Gold Steel with Cobalt Alloy which begins out in a power form then is injected under high pressure to obtain an extremely high quality steel free from impurities and a very high hardness which gives a powerful and exact cut . It has an excellent balance and  a very solid feel in your hand. The opening and closing of this shear is effortless, and the performance is as well. Kouho ARX DUR is designed with a internal bearing system to reduce friction for smooth cutting. We have many happy customers who have take the step up to this level of quality and are happy they did.   For Advanced Stylists  Highly Recommended.

Edge: Convex
Handel Type : Offset Anatomical Thumb
Made In: Japan
Material: Sintered Powered Cobalt Alloy Steel
Size(s): 6.0;6.5
Vendor: Kouho

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ARX-DUR-6.5 ( $949.00 )
ARX-DUR-6.0 ( $949.00 )
Base Price: 949.00
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Total:  $949.00

Size:      6.0, 6.5inch
Vendor:  Kouho Scissors
Origin:    Made In Japan
Material: Sintered Powered Cobalt Alloy Steel
Edge:     Convex