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Kokoro Gold Series Professional Hair Cutting Shear

 Kokoro Gold Series Professional Hair Cutting shear provides superior balance, and impeccable finish for the accomplished professional. The Kokoro Gold series is manufactured from Cobalt Molybdenum Alloy . These shears are handcrafted for excellence and superb performance. This is truly a top of the line shear, using hot drop forged blades metallurgical bonded to investment cast 18-8 stainless steel handles, designed with an anatomical bent thumb for comfort. Kokoro Gold series shears are supplied with an adjustable click tension control system, permanent finger rest, and hassle-free silencer system. A further feature is the Saber Blade design this adds power while maximizing balance, and  performance. Kokoro Gold series has a solid feel, will give a smooth cut and has the power to cut thick sections. 

The Kokoro Gold Series is Being Redesigned and Temporary Not Available

Made In: Japan
Material: Cobalt
Size(s): 5.75;6.25
Vendor: Kokoro

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Gold Series 5.75inch ( $449.95 )
Gold Series 6.5 inch ( $449.95 )
Base Price: 450.00
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Total:  $450.00