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Vern Airback V Cobalt Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Sizes: 6.8 inch, 7.0 inch

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Cobalt Steel
Size(s): 6.8;7.0
Vendor: Vern/ AirBack

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AirBack V 6.8 inch ( $599.00 )
AirBack V 7.0 inch ( $599.00 )
Base Price: 599.00
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Total:  $599.00

Vern's Airback seriesfrom the Shigegru factory in Japan is among the finest shears we have seen. It's advanced design combined with the outstanding craftsmanship and finish work make this the shear to own for those advanced stylists who seek the best. Advanced disk tension system combined with the finest super cobalt steel alloys allows for effortless cutting. Performance is excellent. Highly recommended!

Sizes: 6.8 inch, 7.0 inch