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Kouho XK-AR Professional Dry Hair Cutting Scissor

The KOUHO XK-AR Professional Dry Hair Cutting shear has a bamboo style tapered blade, is smooth with a solid and powerful cut. Balance is perfect as it feels like a extension of your hand its handles are fitted with an anatomical thumb ring for comfort. The XK Fat Boy is the boss in Dry cutting, designed with High Grade Cobalt Alloy Steel and fitted bearing tension to further reduce friction to near zero. Exceptional Quality Finish and attention to detail is excellent.

Made In: Japan
Material: Cobalt
Size(s): 6
Vendor: Kouho
Dry Cut : DRY Cut Only
You Save:$100.00

Kouho Scissors
Dry Cut Only
Cobalt Alloy Steel
Convex Edge
Made In Japan

KOUHO XK-AR is One of the Very Best Dry Cut Shears Made.

Highly Recomended