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Tara XQ Miracle Steel Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Tara XQ Miracle Steel Professional Hair Cutting Shear is the best combination Dry cut and pointing tool we have seen. The Tara XQ with its unique Multi Alloy Miracle Steel the manufacturer has not disclosed the exact composition of this high grade steel which we feel is a combination of Alloys including  Super Cobalt Alloy, Carbon, Tungsten. and Molybdenum and others. This combination of alloys allows the XQ to have a Rockwell hardness much higher that all other cobalt alloy shears. The XQ hardness is near 70 on the Rockwell scale. This gives a very long lasting blade and edge. The XQ has a creative design that allows the user to cut with no slippage of hair what so ever, None. This is accomplished with the micro slits etched into the entire top blade. The micro slits are cut into the blade using a laser, and are 1/3 the diameter of a hair shaft deep. You can feel them with the tip of your finger nail.

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Miracle Steel
Size(s): 5.5;5.8;6.3
Vendor: Tara
Dry Cut : Dry;Wet Cut

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XQ 5.5 inch ( $750.00 )
XQ 6.3 inch ( $750.00 )
Base Price: 750.00
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Total:  $750.00


Tara XQ is similar to the Tara XP with the same Miracle Steel, except that the micro slits are lasered into the entire length of the blade of XQ and the handle is also different on the XP.

Model: XQ550, XQ580, XQ630

Sizes: 5.5 inch, 5.8 inch, 6.3 inch