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Mizutani Sword Carbon D-17 Professional Hair Cutting Scissor

Mizutani Sword Carbon D-17 Professional Hair Cutting scissor is designed with a carbon fiber material which is extremely light and strong. Mizutani created a handle made from carbon material in order to provide a strong yet gentle scissor. Mizutani Sword Carbon is composed of more than 20 parts, It is made one at a time by one skilled craftsman. The D-17 has a extreme Hamaguri edge one of  sharpest edge made, and a carbon resin bearing to reduce friction, and allow to cut with less thumb pressure. Excellent of all types of cutting, but will excel in slide cutting. Highest Recommendation for this scissor.

Made In: Japan
Material: Cobalt
Size(s): 5.7;6.2
Vendor: Mizutani

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Sword Carbon D-17 5.7 inch ( $1,300.00 )
Sword Carbon D-17 6.2 inch ( $1,300.00 )
Base Price: 1300.00
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Total:  $1300.00

Model: Sword Carbon D-17