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Mizutani Sword DB-20 Professional Hair Cutting Scissor

Mizutani DB-20 Hair Cutting scissor is both powerful and dynamic. It's design is drawn from the previous sword series of shears, D-17, and the D-19 both great cutting tools. The DB-20 has several features and design aspects that give it an advantage over it the previous swords from Mizutani. The steel in the DB-20 is an advanced micro powdered cobalt steel known or referred to as a Sintered Steel. This process involves powdered steel being injected into a forging under high pressure and creates a high quality precision controlled steel free from impurities, and defects, a cost effective and precise method to create the steel.

Edge: Convex
Handel Type : Offset
Made In: Japan
Material: Sintered Powered Cobalt
Size(s): 5.7;6.2;6.7;7.2
Tension: Ball Bearing
Vendor: Mizutani Scissors

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5.7" ( $850.00 )
6.2" ( $850.00 )
6.7" ( $850.00 )
7.2" ( $850.00 )
Base Price: 850.00
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Total:  $850.00
Anatomical (Bent thumb ring for comfort)
Cobalt Powder Metal Steel (Sintered Steel)
Convex Edge
Vendor Mizutani Scissors
Made In Japan

The DB-20's tension control has been up dated and improved with a newly designed ball bearing system to ensure smooth movement. The benefit of cutting with a ball bearing is that it will reduce the friction and allow you to cut with less thumb pressure, and will also cut thicker sections will ease, while causing less stress and fatigue on the fingers and hand. The Mizutani DB-20 will offer a combination of Dry cutting / Slide cutting with wider blades, and cut straight lines. For comparison the DB-20 is designed with the same steel and edge as Z1 or Z2 Series of shears from Mizutani. The blades are thicker on the DB-20 than on either of the Z series but it will have a more dynamic and powerful feel in your hand and this carries over to the cut of the DB-20 which is outstanding. It will power through any section, and gets our high recommendation, Smaller delicate hands or for detail work some will find the Z1 and Z2 perhaps more comfortable in their hand.   Highly Recommended