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Naruto New Hennesy Mini Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

(With FInger Rest)
Sizes: 5.0"

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Sintered Powered Cobalt Steel
Size(s): 5
Vendor: Naruto
$1,370.00 / Each
Vendor Naruto
Made In Japan
Material Sintered Powered Cobalt
Edge Convex

Naruto New Hennessy Mini  Hair Cutting Scissor from the  New HibonZ Series . This offset set crane handle Naruto scissor is designed with Sintered Cobalt Alloy Steel, and disk bearing Tension system. Excellent for all around and detail cutting at the highest level. Shear will cut with great precision, and power. The quality of Naruto with its sintered steel, and artisan craftsmanship will allow you to cut any section with ease. Below is an image of the bearing disk tension system that will reduce friction and allow user to cut with less effort, and thumb pressure. Use our Lay Away Program to invest in your skills, and career.


Size: 5.0 inch with Finger Rest