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Mizutani Acro Stellite Alloy Series 3 Hair Cutting Scissor

Mizutani Acro “Stellite  Alloy Series-3″ hair cutting scissor has a longer and more ergonomic handle with anatomical thumb. Mizutani made it simple for slide cutting as well as precision cutting. More than 50% cobalt Stellite Alloy will give you a powerful cutting performance. Top blade has h a saber blade design.

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Cobalt Stellite Alloy
Size(s): 5.5;6.0
Vendor: Mizutani

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5.5" ( $1,300.00 )
6.0" ( $1,300.00 )
Base Price: 1300.00
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Total:  $1300.00