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Kasho Cearamic KZR Professional Hair Cutting Shear

The Kasho Ceramic KZR Professional Hair Cutting Shear is made from advanced high-tech Zirconia ceramic fired at extremely high temperatures. The ceramic blade is much lighter than stainless steel (even lighter than titanium) and ultra-sharp. So, it can last many months or years without sharpening. The antimicrobial "ZR" is inert to chemicals, has a low coefficient of friction and needs no lubrication. It boasts a high degree of hardness, is exceptionally strong in wear and is abrasion resistant  60 times better than stainless steel.The bottom blade has been designed with V-10 Cobalt Alloy to work with the Ceramic top blade. In an industry where professional styling tools are oversaturated, finding that just right quality shear is imperative for a stylist's success. The Kasho "ZR" Professional Hair Cutting Shear has positioned itself as that "must have" item as the shear of top platform artists worldwide. Ideal for slide and dry cutting techniques, it will be quick to earn the title of "smoothest cutting shear" on the market. Key for tension control adjustment included.

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Cearamic
Size(s): 6.0
Vendor: Kasho

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KASHO NEW Ceramic ZR Series ( $750.00 )
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Kasho Introduces Limited Edition Hand-Crafted Professional Ceramic "ZR" Hair Stylist Shears

The much anticipated engineering wonder of the Kai Group, KASHO Limited Edition hand-crafted Professional Ceramic "ZR" Hair Stylist Shears, has arrived.

Weight is 1.8 oz
Size 6.0 inch