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Kouho ARX DLC Professional Hair Cutting Scissor

Kouho ARX DLC Professional Hair Cutting Scissor features a Diamond like coating This Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating is formed through the electric acceleration and collision of  molecules of carbon as they decompose through high vacuum spark plasma, and the energy created as the temperature of the collision of the molecules reaches tens of thousands of degrees Celsius, and it is only under these high-temperatures and high pressure conditions that a crystal structure of hardness similar to that of a diamond can be produced. Kouho unique efficiency of their DLC Coated scissors lies in their durability, and unrivaled by other types of cobalt or Titanium coated scissors, as well as in their smooth and comfortable cutting power. The ARX DLC features all the same features of the ARX with bearing tension, and convex edge. This ARX- DLC has the unique DLC Coating.

Made In: Japan
Material: Cobalt
Size(s): 6.0;6.5;7.0
Vendor: Kouho
Titanium Finish: Titanium Finish

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ARX-series DLC 6.0 inch ( $985.00 )
ARX-series DLC 6.5 inch ( $985.00 )
ARX-series DLC 7.0 inch ( $985.00 )
Base Price: 985.00
Selected Options: $0.00
Total:  $985.00

6.5 inch and 7.0 inch are Special Order 

Kouho Scissors
Convex Edge
Bearing Tension
Cobalt Alloy Steel

Made In Japan

 6.0 inch, 6.5 inch , 7.0 inch