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Matsuzaki MLDS 6 Star Black Titanium Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Sizes: 5.5", 6.0"

Made In: Japan
Material: Cobalt
Size(s): 5.5;6.0
Vendor: Matsuzaki
Titanium Finish: Titanium Finish

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6 Star Black Titanium 5.5 inch ( $1,199.00 )
6 Star Black Titanium 6.0 inch ( $1,225.00 )
Base Price: 1199.00
Selected Options: $0.00
Total:  $1199.00

Vendor:  Matteck Matsuzaki
Material: Cobalt Alloy
Origin:    Made In Japan
Blade:   Convex Edge
Tension: Ball Bearing

The Matsuzaki 6 Star Cobalt Black Titanium hair cutting shear is designed with Superior materials and gives outstanding performance. One of the most popular shears in the Matsuzaki line up, it continues to impress users. Designed with Cobalt Alloy Steel  with a Ball Bearing Tension control system to reduce friction to near zero, and assist the user in reducing thumb pressure required to cut any section of hair. The Black Titanium shear has an offset crane handle for a comfortable cutting position. The Matsuzaki Black Titanium is a handcrafted shear made in very limited number by skilled craftsmen with a level of quality few have experienced.
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