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Naruto Hair Cutting Scissors Hair Cutting Shears

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Thank you for visiting our collection Naruto Scissors.It can be helpful when a customer is considering making an investment in a Naruto scissor to contact us and allow us to give you some options based on your requirements,and cutting needs.Naruto scissors are made to order for each customer. A stylist looking to make an investment into the most advanced and most highly refined hair cutting tools in the world should give consideration to your needs and how you will use the scissor so that you get the most from your investment.We are hear along with Naruto to help you make these choices. Give thought to the length of blade,and what type of handle you most prefer. Naruto scissors take about two weeks to have made for you, and this process can begin with a deposit made and a consult with us.You have the option of using our elayaway program to make up to six payments on any order. We look forward to working with you and you investment and introduction to Naruto Scissors.

Features that determine the price of a Naruto scissor

A: Length of blade or size. Longer Naruto scissors will be higher priced

B:Type of handle the scissor has with an offset crane handle costing more than a straight or traditional offset handle.

C: Type of blade design. Naruto refers to their Clam blade or a traditional design top blade, and their Sword blade. Sword blade will have higher cost
due to more finish work, and polishing required to complete the blade.

D: Bearing system that a Naruto scissor if fitted with. All Naruto scissors are designed with a dual bearing system, one shaft bearing to
reduce friction, and a second bearing to stabilize the blade movement, and further reduce friction. Naruto use four types of these  bearings each one being more detailed,and intricate.
The more advanced bearing a Naruto scissor is fitted with will have a higher price. Bearings are designed for each model of Naruto scissor and one bearing can not be transferred into a different Naruto scissor

Naruto Bearings

ST Type Bearing 01 found in the High Bon, and Kingdom Stork has a Resin packing and Shaft bearing oil stays in small depression of the surface to keep smooth opening and 
closing of the blade movement.

DB Type Bearing 02 found in the Kingdom Stork Megane which combines a Double thrust disk bearing and a shaft bearing.
Small ball bearing are built into the disk thrust bearing which rolls at the point of contact to further enhance the blade movement.

NB Type Bearing 03 found in the advanced series, and variation series is a sealed bearing that offers greater balance to the movement of the scissors.
The shaft bearing is supported by points which is supported by the entire surface providing a greater stability and movement of the blade movement.

SB Type Bearing 04 First Emperor Super bearing is found in only one scissor at this time the Mikadoline Z 6.8.
It is the world's first Vacuum sealed bearing is fitted together with shaft bearing in one bearing. Result is less friction and an advanced movement to the operation of the blades.

The Naruto New HibonZ series is designed with a three dimensional circular ride with a soft packing in the bearing that is used. Within this packing there are numerous indents so that the oil can penetrate through and gain a softer touch to the movement of the scissors.
Browse through our great selection of Naruto Kingdom Stork Megane

In the Naruto Royal Kingdom Bearing Series are some of the most advanced hair cutting scissors in the world. In this series there are two types of bearing packings for this series depending on the size of the scissors. One has a diameter of 13mm to the packing and contains 10 ball bearings. The other has a diameter of 16mm to the packing and it contains 14 ball bearings. The diameter of the ball bearings for both packings are in the units of millimeter and made out of a metallic material that does not erode away. It also includes the shaft bearings to the bolt to give a smooth and a light movement to the blades when cutting.

Naturo offers great prices on First Emperor Bearing Mikadoline Z cutting shears , the most advanced cutting shear in the world. Precision shears offers a wide variety of hair cutting tools
Naruto Visa Hair Scissors provide the same finish work and craftmanship as the other Naruto scissors but with out the advanced bearings. Excellent edge and performance at a lower price.


Which shears are best for me?

Which steel sheer quality is better, those made in Japan, Korea, or Germany?

Japan has the highest standards for workmanship and quality with steels in hair cutting shears.

Many shears made in Korea which can save some costs on labor, and still maintain good quality.

Use steels from Japan. Look for Japanese Steel.

What metals are used in my scissor?

YIron, Carbon, Nickel, and various other alloys like cobalt, and manganese. When using stainless Steel Chromium is added to make steel Stainless, and prevent rust. Handles are welding to the blades and not constructed using the same quality steels. This is not necessary and would add to the cost.

What are the different categories of stainless steel used to produce hair cutting scissors?

Steels are important to a point in a scissor, and when combined with high-quality machining and design you have a beautiful cutting shear ready to provide excellent performance for many years or career depending on the quality of service the shear receives.

You should never purchase a scissor with a stainless steel rating of less than 440C. This is an industry-standard for stainless steel in hair cutting shears. There are a few entry-level shears made using 410, and 420.

Cobalt Alloy Steel is abrasion resistant and will give increased blade retention, and a longer last edge. These shears can also be machined to a finer edge and have the steel hold the edge the result of adding Cobalt Alloy.

They often cost more due to the increased labor costs of finishing and polishing and extra abrasives used in the finishing process.

Cobalt does have some categories and some companies use there own. They include Cobalt Alloy, ATS-314, V-1, V-10 and now they are using a powered Sintered Cobalt Alloy that is expensive but has excellent performance, and with the use of the sintered powered steel process has great quality control when producing it.

Is there a scissor that never needs to be sharpened?

This is fiction, and simply not true. There are high-quality steels that can hold an edge longer than others with the use of Cobalt Alloys but the longest we can see a shear used everyday cutting hair to last is about 18-24 months and most need to be serviced in about 12 months.

This depends some on the use of the shear how many cuts per day.

The wear resistance when cutting strands of hair is the same as cutting equal diameter strands of copper..! Hair is Keratinized Protein, soft and pliable with strong resistance to cutting.

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