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Browse through our great selection of professional hair cutting shears, thinners, and more!
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YS Park Super G Series Hair Brush 55G2

YS Park G Series 55G2 Pro Curl & Shine Styler brush is made using 100% natural boar bristles, Natural Teakwood Body, and heat resistant polyamide pins.  Our YS Park Brushes are Genuine, and Authentic sold in the box. There are 7 size options in the G Series to accommodate your individual blow drying needs. The Orange heat resistant polyamide pins gently grip and smoothly straighten the hair, while the shorter White boar bristles create soft curls, and a brilliant shine. YS Park G-Series is one of the best designed, and most popular Professional Brushes in the world.
$63.00 $54.95
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YS Park 116 Super Winding Pin Tail Comb

YS Park 116 Super Winding Pin Tail Comb. Smooth and strong. Built from durable ultem-plastic, which is 428°F resistant. Specially-sized 8.9 inch in length for all cutting needs. Engineered with gradually-decreasing pitch to facilitate even tension on the hair. With Gradual Pitch the spacing between teeth gets smaller as you mover away from the tail. YS 116 has very fine teeth.
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Leather Tri-Fold Shear Case Purple

Leather Tri-Fold Shear Case LC-1006 Purple. Case holds up to 6 Shears. Velcro Closure
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Sensei Swivl Grip SG Professional Hair Cutting Shear

Sensei Swivel Grip Professional Hair Cutting Shear is designed with a subtle curve that follows the natural curve of the hand, allowing your fingers to rest comfortably, while still giving you control and support. The Thumb on SG is brought forward to keep your hand more open, and relaxed. This allows the hand to fully rotate without every compressing the palm,  Hand Therapists around the world are recommending that stylists use rotating thumb shear to help reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel and repetitive Strain Injuries. The SG is designed to help keep you body in an ergonomic, and relaxed position, and gives the user complete freedom of movement to create complex and intricate hair cuts. The Sensei SG is made from a 440C Durable Japanese Stainless Steel, and will give you everything you need to start working ergonomically. 
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Sensei Comfort Grip 30 Tooth Hair Thinning Shear

Sensei Comfort Grip 30 Tooth Hair Thinning Shear is a modern take on a classic, offset style, thinning shear. This sculpted Comfort Crane offset is a great option for any stylist or barber, looking for an ergonomic feel that isn’t too far off from a traditional haircutting shear. It has all the benefits of its matching cutting shear, the CG thinning and blending shear features 30 double stacked, radial teeth. The CG shear gives all the weight removing power of a traditional shear with the added benefits of perfect blending. While a traditional thinning shear cuts all the hair in a straight line, the stacked teeth on the CG is designed to eliminate cutting a blunt line into the hair while texturizing, making it a great shear for both thinning and blending. 

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Aikyo Model JT 7

Aikyo JT 7 Tooth Texturing Shear a must for textured styles, and a larger hair removal when reducing weight is important. Designed with 440 C high Carbon Stainless Steel for a long lasting edge. Each tooth is cut with a taper to prevent the teeth from catching the edge. It is important that any wide tooth texturing shear has proper tension to ensure proper cutting. Letting the shear become too loose can cause the blade to catch the teeth. Fitted with a Adjustable tension knob, and spring plate to smooth the opening and closing of the shear. 
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Naruto Crab Vista M-III G 6.1

Naruto Crab Vista M-III G I hair cutting scissor is a cobalt 6.1 inch scissor with a Straight handle. Crab Vista blade is convex and is designed and manufactured with Naruto craftsmanship. Visa series scissors do not contain the advanced bearing systems but have all the same quality aspects of what Naruto is about Quality. The Naruto Vista series is brought to you at affordable price.
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Beuy Pro 21 Tail Comb

Beuy Pro 21 Rat Tail comb is designed with durable fiberglass Anit Static, and is great for sectioning. Beuy combs are a collection of fiberglass combs made in Japan. There are numerous tooth configurations for all creative expressions. Unbreakable under normal usage they can also be sterilized.
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BW Carbon Hair Comb 270 Wide Tooth

BW 270 Carbon wide tooth comb measures 7.25 inch has is designed with a wide tooth pattern best used for detangling and combing out.
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YS Park 232 Barber Comb

YS Park 232 Barber Comb is made from Ultem-plastic to be durable, flexible, and heat resistant. Specially sized 6.6 inches to suit all needs. With a super light body, the handles comfort grip is engineered with air holes built-in to allow great flexibility, providing stylists incredible control over every stroke. Comfort tactile grip, dimpled for an organic feel, the YS Park 232 Barber Comb Series is exclusively created for the best performance.
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YS Park 337 Quick Cutting Hair Comb

YS Park 337 Quick Cutting Hair Comb smooth and strong.Built from durable Ultem-plastic,which is heat resistant up to 428 degrees.Flexibility is enhanced by air bubbles in comfortable grip handle.Specially sized at 7.5 inches to meet all styling needs.Comfort tactile grip,dimpled for an organic feel.Has parting tooth( shortened first tooth for parting hair).All YS Park combs have this feature.The holes also act as a measuring device (each hole is spaced 1 cm apart).Holes in the body of comb can be used as an aid to measure sections.Five holes equals 2 inches. 
$12.95 $11.95
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Sensei Zip Left Handed Hair Cutting Shear

Sensei Zip hair cutting shear features a classic offset crane handle with a removable finger rest to fit every one’s cutting preference, and style. Designed with a leaf spring tension system, and Convex Edge to give a smooth, and consistence performance at an affordable price. Sensei Zip is made in Japan with  440C Stainless Steel and has a matching 40 Tooth Thinning and blending shear available in both right or left handed.
$174.95 $159.95
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Shisato Kansai Left Handed 5 tooth Chunker Shear

5 Tooth Chunker
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Aikyo ARB Combo Professional Hair Cutting Shears Deal

Aikyo ARB hair cutting shear combo deal with Double Swivel and Titanium Finish, Beautifully designed offset handle has rotating and pivot thumb with super convex edge blades. Included is an Aikyo 30 tooth thinner and tri fold 14 pockets shear case.
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Kasho Green Series SASA Dry Cut Hair Shear

Kasho Green Series SASA Dry Cut Hair Cutting shear is Japanese for bamboo leaf and these shears feature wider blades with a more rounded profile. The Green Series SASA 6.0" Offset Shears are specially designed for superior slide cutting and Dry cutting. Designed with V-10 Cobalt Alloy and wider blade for easy slide cutting the SASA will have a solid feel in your hand due to the little bit of extra weight and wider blades. This gives the SASA the extra pop and performance that you are looking for with an outstanding edge you will love. The SASA is multi purpose Dry/ Slide Cut shear in that you can also use to cut a line with out the hair slipping off the blade.
Blending shear is available in reverse and double comb.See Kasho Thinning Shears
$790.00 $635.00
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Kouho WZ Professional Hair Cutting Scissor

Kouho WZ Professional Hair Cutting Scissor cut with both power, and great precision. High Grade Japanese Stainless Steel, and designed with a bearing tension system to reduce friction. Kouho WZ is fitted with a sculpted attached finger rest for comfort, and has a similar look, and feel to that of the KOUHO SX series except the WZ is designed with shorter shanks or handles. This will give greater control. 
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MizutanI Acro Stellite Alloy Series 2 Professional Hair Cutting Scissor

Mizutani STELLITE Alloy Series-2 is a medium texturing shear with 12 teeth. Soft cutting with STELLITE Alloy which is design with more than 50% cobalt alloy. Durability, soft cutting, smooth cut and drag is the key of this chunker. Cutting edge ergonomic handle will fit into your finger like no other.
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Naruto Kingdom Stork Megane STIII Hair Cutting Scissor Sizes: 5.9 inch

Naruto Kingdom Stork Megane ST III 5.9 inch is mainly used for Slide, Stroke, and Chop cuts due the the structure and shape of the scissor. Megane ST II is fitted with a dual Bearing Tension system one shaft bearing to reduce friction, and thumb pressure required to cut, and a disk baring to smooth out and stabilize the movement of the blades. This is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high end quality detail scissor with great power.
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Naruto Royal Kingdom Gilvy Z Karakusa Hair Cutting Scissor 6.3 inch

Sizes: 6.3 inch - Finger Rest
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Mizutani Black Smith Fit Puffin Thinning 14 Teeth Cut Ratio 30-40%

Black-Smith Fit Puffin 14 Tooth thinner is a companion to the Fit Puffin shear, this thinner is recommended for bulk control and even scissor over comb. Puffin has the same handle as the Fit series which is a triangular handle for a comfort feel.
  • Teeth: 14-tooth
  • Cut Ratio 30-40%
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MizutanI Black Smith Fit Puffin Left Handed Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Mizutani Puffin Left Handed Scissor can Slide and Dry cut with the comfort of wide blades that taper down to the tips. Puffin is now available in left handed has the same handle as the Fit series which is a triangular handle for a comfort feel.The Mizutani Puffin is a multi purpose shear in that when using as a Dry Cut and to Slide cut the Puffin is designed to be able to cut a straight line with ease.The Puffin can do it all, a popular Mizutani shear and will give excellent versatility. Cobalt Alloy Steel with convex edge.

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Shisato Debut Z Rainbow 35 Tooth Hair Thinning Scissors

Shisato Debut Z Rainbow 35 Tooth Hair Thinning Scissor with Titanium and Silver frosted striping on the blades designed with a comfortable offset crane handle.
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Naruto HibronZ Hennesy S Professional Hair Cutting Scissors 5.5 inch

Naruto HibronZ Hennesy S Professional Hair Cutting Scissor from the  New HibonZ Series . This offset set crane handle Naruto scissor in 5.5 inch is designed with Sintered Powered Cobalt Alloy Steel, and disk bearing Tension system. Excellent for all around and detail cutting at the highest level. Shear will cut with great precision, and power. The quality of Naruto with its Artisan Craftsmanship will allow you to cut any section with ease. 
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YS Park G45 Guide Hair Comb

Salon Cost: $19.00
Size: 8.7 inch
Vendor: YS Park
Origin: Japan
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Feather Black Styling Razor Intro Kit Feather Styling Razor, 10 Feather Standard Blades DVD.

The Feather Black Styling Razor Intro Kit includes: Feather Styling Razor, 10 Feather Standard Blades, and Blade Disposal Case. Includes DVD.
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Vinyl Shear Case LC1034 has 6 pockets

Model: LC1034
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Which shears are best for me?

Which steel sheer quality is better, those made in Japan, Korea, or Germany?

Japan has the highest standards for workmanship and quality with steels in hair cutting shears.

Many shears made in Korea which can save some costs on labor, and still maintain good quality.

Use steels from Japan. Look for Japanese Steel.

What metals are used in my scissor?

YIron, Carbon, Nickel, and various other alloys like cobalt, and manganese. When using stainless Steel Chromium is added to make steel Stainless, and prevent rust. Handles are welding to the blades and not constructed using the same quality steels. This is not necessary and would add to the cost.

What are the different categories of stainless steel used to produce hair cutting scissors?

Steels are important to a point in a scissor, and when combined with high-quality machining and design you have a beautiful cutting shear ready to provide excellent performance for many years or career depending on the quality of service the shear receives.

You should never purchase a scissor with a stainless steel rating of less than 440C. This is an industry-standard for stainless steel in hair cutting shears. There are a few entry-level shears made using 410, and 420.

Cobalt Alloy Steel is abrasion resistant and will give increased blade retention, and a longer last edge. These shears can also be machined to a finer edge and have the steel hold the edge the result of adding Cobalt Alloy.

They often cost more due to the increased labor costs of finishing and polishing and extra abrasives used in the finishing process.

Cobalt does have some categories and some companies use there own. They include Cobalt Alloy, ATS-314, V-1, V-10 and now they are using a powered Sintered Cobalt Alloy that is expensive but has excellent performance, and with the use of the sintered powered steel process has great quality control when producing it.

Is there a scissor that never needs to be sharpened?

This is fiction, and simply not true. There are high-quality steels that can hold an edge longer than others with the use of Cobalt Alloys but the longest we can see a shear used everyday cutting hair to last is about 18-24 months and most need to be serviced in about 12 months.

This depends some on the use of the shear how many cuts per day.

The wear resistance when cutting strands of hair is the same as cutting equal diameter strands of copper..! Hair is Keratinized Protein, soft and pliable with strong resistance to cutting.

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