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Quality Japanese Hair Scissors And Hair Shears

Since 1980, Precision Shears has offered a broad selection of the finest Japanese shears, thinners and hair cutting accessories manufactured by the world's most respected, creative companies, and using the most advanced materials available in the industry. Browse our products page for Japanese shears, thinners and texturizers from manufacturers that include Naruto, Kasho, Kokoro, Kouho, Sensei, Shisato, Matsuzaki, Mizutani, Vern, and YS Park. You can be assured that any hair cutting scissor or hair cutting shear you purchase from us has the highest level of quality and a Lifetime Warranty.


Are you a Left Handed stylist? It is important that the left hand designer begin cutting with a true left hand shear!

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Precision Shears offers a very large selection of left-handed hair cutting shears and a special Lefties Corner where you can learn more about left-handed shears, thinners and texturizers.



If you are not sure what where to start, or what shear to purchase, please contact us for a consultation and recommendations. We're here to help you!

Current Specials

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Choose Exceptional Quality In Your Hair Cutting Scissors And Hair Cutting Shears

Precision Shears Features: Hair Scissors, Thinning Shears, Brushes, Combs, and Clips, Dog Grooming Shears, Flat Irons, Razors, and Blades, Sets, and More. We Feature The Top Manufactures Including: Aikyo Beuy Pro, Fuji, Joewell Shears, Kasho, Kokoro, Matsuzaki, Mizutani, Naruto, Sensei, Tara, Vern AirBack, YS Park Brushes, Combs, and Clips, and More.

Are you in search of a one-stop shop for the best hair cutting tools in the industry? You've come to the right place! At Precision Shears, you'll have access to a complete inventory of hair cutting tools, dog grooming shears, YS Park combs, YS Park brushes, and much more. Our industry expertise allows us to have close relationships with the leading manufacturers and offer you premium quality products at exceptional prices. With over 30 years of experience and, an extensive line of high quality products, you can count on Precision Shears for all of your professional and personal needs. When you choose us, you'll find Japanese shears that are that are of the highest quality.

As a professional stylist, the correct hair cutting tools will make all the difference in your ability to succeed in this highly competitive field. Obtaining the right tools will give you the confidence to expand your skills more quickly, and inspire you to be more creative. When in search of the highest quality hair thinning shears and hair scissors, we are here to simplify the process. We have put the leading brands at your fingertips so you can quickly navigate your way to the products you need. Our goal is to give you the tools that you need to excel. We understand what a big investment professional hair thinning shears and hair scissors can be; we always offer online specials to help ease the burden of lofty professional expenses. Before you buy, check our latest listing of online specials and save more on the professional tools you need.

We offer an extensive selection of left handed shears, and thinners. For more information on left handed shears, and switching to left handed just click on LEFTIES CORNER.

We also offer dog grooming shears. Let Precision Shears put you at the top of your trade with the best tools at the right prices. Our commitment to quality extends throughout the process, giving you fast worldwide shipping, low price-plus guarantee, and the best selection of top quality hair cutting tools. When you're ready to arm yourself with the best shears, hair thinning scissors, or dog grooming shears - we make it simple. Your favorite choices are just a click away so start shopping now and save more on the professional tools that will help you excel.

If you need hair cutting tools or accessories like YS Park combs, YS Park brushes we are a great place to start! The complete line of YS Park combs and YS Park brushes are available at a great price, and they will truly make a difference in your hair styling capabilities. Have questions? No problem! We're just a phone call away! Please feel free to call us at 800-375-3525 for more information about our inventory of high quality professional shears. We look forward to hearing from you!