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YS Park 105 EL3 Extra Long Brush

YS Park 105 EL3 Brushes

Handle Material: Teak Wood
Made In: Japan
Material: Boar Bristle & Pin
Vendor: YS Park
You Save:$10.00

The YS. Park 105 EL3 Series extra long Brushes are made with all natural boar bristle and nylon pins. The long heat resistant boar bristles smoothly grab and lustrously straighten the hair, resulting in a finish incomparable to any other. The extended width of the actual bristles or barrel is about 5.5 inches entire brush with handle is 11.1 inches long, and will allow you to get the drying done using 3 sections instead of the average 5 sections. The air holes on the handle allows better grip, providing incredible control over each stroke. This is an amazing brush, large wide and can handle a lot of hair. You will love it.

Model: 105EL3