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YS Park combs

Professional hairstylists place great importance on their hair combs, with good reason. Combs are the essence of professional hairstyling. They are the “moving framework” of hairdressing, critical for styling.

Precision Shears carries a large selection of combs, notably includes the YS Park brand. YS Park is a very famous brand in the hairdressing industry. When you see this fabulous range of products, you’ll see a lot of instantly familiar professional hairstyling combs. YS Park combs are design for stylists to achieve a high level of efficiencey with less effort. YS Park combs have many useful features like a parting tooth, where the first tooth is shortened for parting the section, dimpled finish for an organic non-slip grip, rounded edge, and flexible heat resistant body.

This is a true benchmark brand, including all the classic comb choices and many new products as well. The YS Park range of combs includes:

Come and explore our YS Park comb selection, and see for yourself all the fabulous product choices and different styling combs. We’re sure you’ll find all the combs you want, and maybe even a few you’ve always wanted.