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The History

The beginning of Mizutani all started in 1921 in Asakusa, Tokyo where Mizutani decided to create scissors from the passion and the necessity of the best quality scissors.Mizutani was not satisfied with the idea of just "scissors only for cutting" and therefore developed "scissors for easy-use and well-cutting." Over the years Mizutani has improved the traditional craftsmanship and has taken the entire concept it to another level. To this day Mizutani continues to focus and improve the quality and design of scissors.

The scissors

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The Material

Mizutani uses the highest class of steel that appropriately contains the right amount of cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium, according to the purpose of the scissors. The best characteristics of the steel are chosen for slide cutting scissors and thinning scissors as well. Mizutani always uses the correct material that always meets the purpose of the scissors properly, not just by changing the grade.

Mizutani pays close attention to heat-treatment. Their scissors are hardened by the high temperature of 1000 degrees of more. Then the scissors are cooled down suddenly by the temperature of -100 degrees ("sub-zero" process) to remove the retained austenite. This process makes the scissors a minimum distortion. Under such a condition, steel only gets hard.

The Craftsmanship

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