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Yuroshi CT14 Hair Thinning Scissor 14 Tooth

Yuroshi CT14 Hair Thinning Scissor Model 14 Tooth with Curved C Type Teeth. Each tooth has been cut in a multiple step design. This will allow you to blend with less effort, and releases from the hair with ease.  The Yuroshi C-14 will allow you to create more texture, and volume with its 14 tooth design and extra spacing of each tooth. Yuroshi thinners have excellent craftsmanship and great attention to detail, and we consider them an great value.You will be impressed with any Yuroshi product.

Made In: Korea
Material: Stainless Steel
Teeth: 14
Vendor: Yuroshi
You Save:$50.00
Yuroshi Scissors
Curved Type Teeth
440C Hitachi Stainless Steel
Convex Edge
Made In Korea