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YS Park Extra Long 122 Tail Hair Comb YS-CM122 white black red

Available in white, black, or red

Full Length: 9.8
Heat Resistant: Heat Resistant
Made In: Japan
Vendor: YS Park

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Black ( $10.00 )
Red ( $10.00 )
White ( $10.00 )
Base Price: 10.00
Selected Options: $0.00
Total:  $10.00
The Y.S. Park 122 Extra Long Tail Comb, is very similar to the 102 Tail Comb, has the same features but benefits stylists who use wider hair foil paper. The metal tail end is about 4.84 inches long. The total length is 9.8425". This tail comb has the extra length when needed for quicker more productive work.Designed and made with Ultem plastic which is both durable, and flexible. A versatile comb for all types of cutting needs.