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YS Park 239 Barber Comb

The YS Park 239 Barber Comb  made from Ultem -Plastic is Strong and Durable with Supple flexible teeth.Integrated Tape-Line - Measuring Device. Smooth and  strong, the YS Park 239 Barber Comb features a light body, the comfort grip has an organic feel, and  is designed with air holes built-in to allow great flexibility, providing stylists excellent control over every stroke.

Full Length: 8.1
Heat Resistant: Heat Resistant
Made In: Japan
Material: Park
Vendor: YS Park

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Camel ( $13.00 )
Pink ( $13.00 )
Base Price: 13.00
Selected Options: $0.00
Total:  $13.00

Size 8.1 inch
Model: YS-CM239
Camel, Pink