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Sensei Swivl SWT23 Seamless Blender Hair Thinning Shears 23 Tooth

Sensei Swivl SWT23 Seamless Blender and Hair Thinning Shear 23 Tooth designed with a high end Japanese Molybdeum Alloy. Sensei Swivl has excellent duribility and a smooth cut.There is Zero Drag as you pull the shear through the hair. The Swivl cuts each hair to a different length, so the effect is an invisible blending of the hair. You can cut and then recut within a section until you have achieved the amount of weight removal you want, and you still will not leave a line.

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Stainless Steel
Left Handed: Left Handed
Right Handed: Right Handed
Teeth: 23
Vendor: Sensei
You Save:$50.00

Stainless Steel Molybdeum Alloy
Polymer Glide Inserts
Convex Edge
Rotating Thumb
Made In Japan

The Polymer Glide inserts in the pivot area of the shear removes metal on metal wear keeping the shear feeling like new for years to come. Hand Therapists and Doctors have suggested that stylists use Rotating Thumb shears. The Health benefits have proven themselves over the years. 

List Price: $319.95
Sale Price $269.95

Model: SWT23