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Sensei Fit 23 Tooth Rotating Seamless Hair Blending Shears SFR23

SENSEI FIT shears are designed to fit the average stylist without the need for any plastic finger rings.  Beautifully sculpted to fit every contour of your hand.

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Stainless Steel
Teeth: 23
Vendor: Sensei
$379.95 / Each
The Japanese Molybdenum alloy, SENSEI Cryo Tempered blades, are very durable. The pivots are lined with polymer inlays to eliminate metal to metal contact and extend the like new life of the shear. The ball bearing tension system provides blade stability and longer edge life.
Ball Bearing System

Stabilizes Blades for Long Life

Leaf Spring Tension

Click Lock? For Stable Tension Over Full Pivot

Flat Line Tension System

Streamline Design with Click Lock?

Convex Edge

Smooth Cutting Long Lasting

Japanese Steel

SImply the best steel in the world

Molybdenum Alloy

This Proprietary Blend is Japan?s Finest

Polymer Glide

Eliminates metal to metal wear

Eliminates Reach for Greater Comfort

Work Safe

Reduce Repetitive Strain by Cutting With Elbow Down