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Mizutani Cosine Rubber Mat Hair Razor

Slip-resistant rubber grip, Enhanced stability eliminates shaking during cutting.

Made In: Japan
Material: Cosine
Vendor: Mizutani
$150.00 / Each

Faster, easier to use, and cleaner cuts than ever before. cosine makes it possible.



Triple role >>> You can take care of all 3 elements length, structure, and texture with just one tool.
Cut with just its weight >>> No damage to hair, because it cuts with just the weight of the body.
Easy changing >>> The next-generation magnetic holding system enables quick blade changing.

Point2.Easier to use

Four different grips >>> Easy to control “cut, volume, thin” only changing the razor holding position.
Center of gravity in hand >>> When gripping it with the weight centered in your hand, it gives solid control for precise cutting.
Principle of pendulum >>> Because we’ve purposefully moved the center of gravity outward, the razor swings smoothly back and forth like a pendulum.

Point3.Cleaner cuts

Nuance in hair ends >>> Gives a soft finishing touch to hair, for ends like the tip of a brush.
Multi-talented >>> Can be used for a variety of effects, widening the breadth of techniques at your disposal.
Even works for short >>> Gives a soft finish even for short haircuts and men’s hair.