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Mizutzani Acro Dual ZD-4 Cobalt Hair Thinning Scissors 15% Cut Ratio

Cut Ratio 15%
No tangles, No damage

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Sintered Powered Cobalt
Left Handed: Left Handed
Right Handed: Right Handed
Teeth: 23
Vendor: Mizutani
$800.00 / Each

ACRO Z DUAL ZD-4 the dual thinning scissors enabled the stroke cut technique. Even when you cut hair with moving scissors, hair does not jam because there is no cutting blade. The Z Dual is not only for blending hair, it gives hair an airily and movement to the style. Acro Dual leaves no line when you use this tool to blend and remove weight.
This is the new thinning scissors, you can use on your clients, and  can keep the style long after hair grows. The straight ZD-3 or offset ZD-4 the handles are easy to fit to your hand, and very comfortable. The same handle as the Z1 and Z2 cutting shears.

Cut Ratio 15 %

 Nano Powder Metal             BALL BEARING 
*LEFTY is Available