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MatsuzakI VDI6030 30 Tooth 4 Star Cobalt Hair Thinning Scissors

Matsuzaki VDI  30 Tooth 4 Star Cobalt Thinning Scissor. VDI is offset and convex edge for smooth blending. Tension has an easy knob for easy adjustment, and permanent finger rest. Matsuzaki has a high standard for quality for over a century. The VDI is suitable for working with all types of hair. 

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Cobalt Steel
Teeth: 30
Vendor: Matsuzaki
$799.00 / Each

Made In Japan
Vendor Matsuzaki 
Cobalt Alloy Steel
Convex Edge

Cut Ratio 30%
Size 6.0 inch
30 Teeth