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Kouho X Series Hair Thinning Scissors 28 Teeth

Kouho X-T28 hair thinning scissor is a top blender from Kouho. This finishing tool has a Solid feel, very smooth yet with a delicate touch, this high end blender from Kouho is excellent in everyway. Advanced graduation 3 step cut one cut one each tooth aids in the release from hair, greater feel, and creates a more finished look. Ball Bearing tension reduces friction and thumb pressure. Kouho XT-28 thinner has molded attached finger rest gives stylist more control when free handed cutting, due to larger area to place finger, very comfortable. A perfect combination of blending and texture with this excellent X-28 finishing tool great for anyone seeking an advanced blending shear. Rated Excellent!

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Stainless Steel
Teeth: 28
Vendor: Kouho
$699.00 / Each

Vendor Kouho
Ball Bearing Tension
Stainless Steel
Made In Japan

Hair Removed is 20-25%

Teeth: 28-tooth
Length 6.0 inch