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Kasho Green Series Cobalt Hair Thinning Shears KGRT55-30

The Kasho Green Series Cobalt Hair Thinning Shear is a high quality hair thinning shear designed with a ball bearing tension , and high Carbon Cobalt Steel Alloy with convex hollow ground blade honed to a fine mirror polish. Performance is excellent form this high quality Kasho Thinner.

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Cobalt Steel
Teeth: 15;30
Vendor: Kasho

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Green Series Thinners 5.5" 15-tooth ( $625.00 )
Green Series Thinners 5.5" 30-tooth ( $625.00 )
Base Price: 625.00
Selected Options: $0.00
Total:  $625.00
Vendor KAI/ Kasho
Made In Japan
V-10 Cobalt Alloy 
Ball Bearing Tension


Sizes: 5.5 inch

Teeth: 15-tooth, 30-tooth